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The God of Worms. A fallen Vonin from the early age of Vel'Kora who was largely responsible for the fall of the Giant kingdom of Gaveheim.

Divine Domains

Decay, Worms, Undeath.

Holy Books & Codes

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Kysuss wanted to warp reality and turn the world into a place of undeath, where all beings are created by his will, living as undead abominations of worm flesh and bone held firmly under his control.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

At creation Kysuss was a towering figure of a Gaint, more lean than others of his kind, with jet black skin and hair.   After becoming a Demigod, his farm was warped by the power of the necromantic powers he channeled into himself, turning his body into a humanoid shaped wriggling mass of worms, each a foot in length.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kysuss was the fourth of the Vonin to be created by Annam All-Father and Othea Mother-Mountain. When he asked what he was, he was told by Annam,
You are a Son of Annam. Titanborn, and a lord of all that exists. Go forth, and let all those who deny you fall before your might, and in my name.
This greatly shaped the psyche of Kysuss and drove him to greater and greater feats within the newly forming Ordning. His focus on the arcane art of Necromancy gifted him with unmatched insight into how to death with the decay of those lesser races that served the Giants, giving him a unique insight into their plight and suffering under Giant rule. Kysuss however, saw this as a just service, and impressed greatly upon those who served him the unbelievable honor they were gifted to be in service to one of the Jotunbrud (True Giants). The extent of his grip upon those who he enslaved was so complete that he was even know to deny them the release of death, instead raising their corpse into undeath to continue to serve him, the creatures former consciousness trapped within the bloating shambling corpse of its body, tormented by what they had become until they eventually went mad, their mind unable to stand the truth of their circumstance. This did nothing but feed Kysuss's ego and affirm the ideals he held that he was indeed truly stronger than those around him, as even death was no hindrance to him.   This all eventually came to a crashing end as in in 11034 ST, during the dual he held with Juten Brakurskalt, a Storm Giant of immense power and strength, who had begun gathering the most powerful within The Ordning around him, calling them The True Sons of Annam. Kysuss had challenged the Storm Giant to try and claim a place among these who were brash enough to call themselves 'True Sons', publicly stating that if he were to win he would behead Juten for his impudence at the claim. Kysuss lost the dual, and was severely wounded in the fight. To prove his might and show the truth that Vonin were truly less than other True Giants, Juten broke his right leg, snapped his spine at the rib cage, and carved part of his face off, leaving him with a permanent hunch, limp and facial disfigurement. This event sealed two fates: Firstly, it firmly places the majority of Vonin solidly below the more Storm Giants within the Ordning, and secondly, the shame of his public humiliation drove Kysuss mad and drove him towards a darker fate.   Kysuss spent a majority of the remainder of his life away from the eyes of the rest of Gaveheim, dwelling deep in a hold beneith the northern side of the city, obsessively delving into darker and more obscure parts of necromancy in an attempt to fix his broken body. It is unsure whether he was contacted by some entity from the Far Realm, or if he discovered the knowledge himself, but after decades of necromantic experimentation, Kysuss discovered an even greater part of necromancy, something deeper and darker, and more basely evil than anything else that had been seen in existence before. He managed to cultivate and breed a type of worm within his slaves, that at maturity, killed the living host and raised it in undeath. Not only was the gestation unbelievably quick, but it spread virulently, quickly claiming all of the slaves Kysuss still held. Kysuss discovered soon after that he was able to control these worm spawn completely, and even subsume them, increasing his own necromantic power.   The ultimate height of Kysuss's power came near the end of the Giant and Dragon war, where unknown to the rest of his kin, Kysuss had been secretly spreading his pestilence throughout the northern part of the city that sat over his dwelling, secretly infecting thousands of slaves and giants with the worms, holding them in a hibernation state until the time was right. When the city was attacked, Kysuss awoke the worms. Those not affected looked on in horror as around them, giants and the lesser races that served them began to writhe in pain, white worms crawling from their mouths, nostrils, ears, eating their way out of the eyes, before the victim fell dead, only to rise moments later, spewing forth a torrent of the infecting worms. In a matter of hours, Kysuss had killed a tenth of the population of Gaveheim. He then subsumed them, drawing into his being the power of tens of thousands of lives, triggering within him a metamorphosis that turned him into a Demigod, and transformed him form into a towering mass of writhing white worms in a humanoid shape. Kysuss then began to lash his newformed power out, killing all he could find, and raising them in an army of undead to fight against the Dragons and his Giant kin alike.   The atrocity Kysuss committed, and the damage he did to the city of Gaveheim were responsible for the Giants losing the war against the Dragons, and its sinking into the sea at the Giants defeat. Unable to combat the spread of his worm plague, the Dragons and their allies, and even some of the surrendered Giants bound his form within a massive black monolith sinking it with the city, in hopes that his evil may never rise to plague the land again.  
Kysuss Monolith

Personality Characteristics


Kysuss wished to become a God in truth, and to warp the Material Plane of Vel'Kora into his own realm.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kysuss was unbelievably gifted in Necromancy, quite possibly the best necromancer to ever exist.


Family Ties

Religious Views

Kysuss always considered himself greater than the other Vonin, a truer son of Annam All-Father, and deserving of more power than he was given at his creation.

Social Aptitude

Early is his life, Kysuss was fairly active within the Ordning, and is credited greatly for the high position held by the Vonin within its ranks, but he quickly proved to be to ambitious, challenging one of the True Sons of Annam to a dual for position and losing, leaving him permanently scared and crippled. After this Kysuss was considered to be mostly a social pariah, very rarely seen outside of his dwelling deep under the northern side of Gaveheim until its destruction.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lord of Worms, The Walking Worm, Lord of Undeath, The Deceiver, Betrayer
Year of Birth
14898 15261 Years old
Current Residence
In a black monolith, deep within the sea.
Shimmering, glowing, red
None, made of worms.
40 ft.
~8000-12000 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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