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Annam All-Father

Annam All-Father, head diety, creator and father of the Giants.

Divine Domains

Knowledge Magic Plant Rune Sun

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Annam All-Father is an Elder God, one of the first to awaken in the early days of the cosmos. Some think he may instead be a Primordial who refused to fight his own during the Dawn War and was branded a God forever more. Regardless of the circumstance of his being, Annam is one universally considered one of the oldest and most powerful deities in Vel'Kora.   According to the histories of the Giants, Annam came to the sphere of Vel'Kora and found a world ripe with chaos, a bank canvas waiting for a masters stroke to turn it into a true Material Plane. From the Astral Sea Annam drew power and forged the mighty Titans, beings of unbelievable power that he used to shape and create the world. Under his command, they dug and filled the oceans, raised mountains, sowed the forests, smoothed the plains, and shaped all things that are by the will and command of the All-Father. As the mountains came into being, his wife, Othea Mother-Mountain was able to touch the Plane with her consciousness, allowing her to enter the world and help in the shaping of the high places of the world. As per her suggestion, Annam commanded the Titans to create the massive mountain Uulthas, and began the creation of the massive city of Gaveheim.   With the work of creation underway, Annam gazed across the breadth of his creation and saw none great enough to be deserving of its mastery. Seeking to fix this, Annam took and broke several of the Titans, mixing the shards of their forms with his own seed, and implanting them into Othea, where they grew within her womb to become the Vonin and the very first of the Giants. As his children began to be born, Annam received a request for audience by The Torrezon Pantheon. The pantheon came before him to bargain for control of Torrezon demanding that they were greater than his children and as such demanded that the Giants be barred from entry to the continent. Annam agreed, on the condition that the Gods of Torrezon would never set foot outside of their chosen land, a condition they grudgingly agreed to. Annam then went to his newborn children, and commanded them to take command of the world and rule from Gaveheim.   For a time, Annam was pleased to sit in rule at Gaveheim and watch his children spread and take control of the world he had created, but eventually, he grew bored with the day to day events of the world, and began to withdraw, searching the Astral Sea for more globes to shape and form. During this time, Othea had several affairs with her sons, creating lesser Gaint-kin from their unions, most notable being the Ogres, Fomorians, and Firbolgs. When Annam returned his focus to the world and discovered the affairs of his wife, he drowned the sons who dared to touch her within the oceans. Othea was greatly upset by his actions, and cast him awy from her, refusing his touch again. Still angered, he then left control of Gaveheim and Vel'Kora to the The Ordning who bound and trapped Othea in a demi-plane for forcing their father to leave to the Astral sea, where he never returned.
Divine Classification
Elder God
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Prime, The Progenitor of Worlds, The Great Creator.


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