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Gaveheim, roughly translated as 'The Gifted Home', is the name of a now sunken continent and the old Giant kingdom that nearly covered the entirety of Vel'Kora.


Gaveheim was the name given to both the massive city of the Giants created by Annam All-Father himself after he finished molding the world with the Titans, and the to their kingdom that grew to cover nearly the entire world.   The city itself was massive, covering a continent as large as Koria and Torrezon put together, build around, upon and within a massive mountain Uulthas, that rose high enough that its peak was forever obscured from view by clouds. Historical documents from that time of a city beyond anything ever seen again on the face of the earth, of how wonders existed within its walls that go beyond the ability to comprehend in times now, tales of entire buildings grown like fruit on trees, towers so tall that a thousand giants could stand one on top of the other and not reach the top. Magical wonders beyond anything seen today, said to draw its power directly from the earth itself. The giants used its position and the power that came along with it to conquer and subjugate nearly the entire world in an kingdom that stretched from the Cold Expanse in the north, over Koria, Eltar, Ssashan, and the Weeping Islands, giving control of each continent to the ruling family of each type of Giant within The Ordning.   Sadly, the Giants greed for power and land grew to be too much, and they eventually stirred to life the Dragons who inhabit Vel'Kora, leading to the longest war in the history of this Material Plane. The Giants lost the war, as many of the races they had subjugated into slavery revolted at the same time, leading to a full collapse of the kingdom, with the final blow being the destruction of Gaveheim by its sinking into the sea.   To this day, only the mountain that was at the heart of the continent still stands above sea level in the sea called The Ruined Depths that lies between Koria and Eltar, and those who explore its peaks and the depths around it bring back tales of mysterious horrors, odd runes, and oddities of old that can occasionally be found by those brave enough to plum its depths.
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