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Anvil of Titans

The Anvil of Titans was an item used by Annam All-Father to first forge the Titans used to shape the world.  


  According to legend, Annam All-Father looked across the world and saw, disappointment. Nothing was as he wished, the world was to soft. No mountains reached daring to touch the heavens above, no oceans threatening to drown the land with its might, no forests growing to mighty heights. Summoning his power within the Astral Sea, Annam conjured into being an anvil of supreme power. With each fall of the hammer, the anvil transferred power from itself into the metal placed upon it. Thousands upon thousands of years later, Annan finished and before him were twelve mighty Titans. To them he issued a simple order:  
Go forth and make the world as it should be.
  The anvil was used later by the Gods to create Titans of war during the Dawn War, terrible creations built for death and destruction, which caused the anvil to crack slightly. After this the anvil was given to the Raven Queen to be locked away within the vaults in the Shadowfell, there to wait for eternities end in hopes that nothing would ever be forged again on its shimmering surface.


An item of legend, the Anvil of Titans is mentioned in nearly every early text of all civilizations on Vel'Kora.
Item type
Owning Organization
Only one.
It was said to either be the size of a standard anvil, or thousand of miles across.
Raw materials & Components
The anvil is made of an unknown substance. At a touch it feels soft as silk, but its harder than any metal, and weighs as much as a mountain.


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