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Langley, the most well known thieve to ever traverse the stars. And yet few know him personally. He's always kept himself away from people working in the field, to remain anonymous. Many however know him through his work

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on The sanctuary station Langley had to work for every credit he had to his name. Taking every small job he could find he just about managed to get through each day. Every once in a while he spent some time coning or stealing to expand his finances a bit.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Langley spent more and more time... circumventing the law. When he had built enough contacts he started a group that became known as The Red Stars. To this day that group is his life's work and his biggest accomplishment. You can find them all over the galaxy.

Failures & Embarrassments

During The Red Stars early years, Langley became too confident. A failed heist landed him in 5 years of prison. Thanks to his charms and it being the first time he got caught, he managed to get an early release after 2. It's been long since that time, but he still remembers it well.

Intellectual Characteristics

Langley always thinks logically and strategically about everything he does. He often uses his charms to convince favors of people or helps them in turn for a lifelong debt.

Personality Characteristics


Coming from a station so full of people and still having to struggle alone, has left Langley with a desire for what he calls justice.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

His specialty is manipulating people, knowing just what to say to convince them to serve him. Being on the station for most of his early life has however left him a lousy pilot.
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Langley was born and raised aboard The sanctuary station
The Sanctuary Station
Current Residence
The Sanctuary Station
Light brown
Shortcut brown
Aligned Organization

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Author's Notes

Hello! And thank you for reading my article!
This was made during the Summer Camp 2018 challenge. I won't be editing any of these to keep them for looking back on. That being said some I'm really not happy with, so I'll most likely put up an edited version at some point. If I do you will be able to find the link on the top of the page

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