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The fallen star.


You tear through the crowd, drunk on blood and ecstasy. You move in a gleeful dance, cackling at full volume as you waltz giddily over the dead and dying. You strike an exaggerated bow at a cornered man, holding out your hand. Shall we? The man doesn’t seem to want to dance with you, but he will be your partner all the same. You yank him up by the wrist, clamping him to your chest with your free arm. You hum contentedly, oblivious to his cries of pain as your grip grows ever tighter. You twirl to the tune, deliberately crushing an unfortunates’ head under your heel. The man can no longer scream, only wheeze and gasp for breath. You leap joyously over the remains of a broken chair, kicking another injured human halfway across the room as you land. There is a sickening crunch, and the man in your arms no longer wheezes, but gurgles intermittently; thick, dark blood beginning to seep from his mouth. Ah, well, no matter. Even though the man dangles lifeless and limp from your grasp, still you dance.   After all, this is a day to celebrate.   Thirty years. Thirty years, you were powerless, and now, as you effortlessly rip every last human in this place to tatters, finally, you have the power. You’re like a god among these lowly beasts, finally enacting your divine judgement. These worthless insects tried to profit off your pain and prolong your suffering, so it seems only fair that you gorge yourself on theirs.   The final guest stares wide-eyed at you, trembling in fear. They already know their fate long before you strike. As you did to the general, so too do you do to them, although you are awfully, cruelly slow this time. You savor every last noise, every rip and tear, every slop, every crack, every shriek, until you are left with nothing but two halves. You drop both on the floor, crushing the pitiful thing’s head as one would a cockroach.   Let no one say you aren’t merciful.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Just below the threshold for Behemoth classification, Apep is tall, thin, and handsome. During life, he was considered the posterboy for modern space exploration, serving as the tech "face" of ISSED, like Delphi before him.

Body Features

Slate-grey and white plates, with no exposed wiring. Body structure is very similar to all other ISSED pilot-type techs with minor stylistic differences, for ease of switching pilots between series on older vessels.

Facial Features

Odd, round head, reminiscent of an astronaut's helmet. Displays a single eye and a mouth, usually curled into a smirk.

Physical quirks

Apep tends to either rub his hands together idly or fold his arms behind his back, walking slowly and leisurely.

Apparel & Accessories

Apep will wear his pilot's uniform at every given opportunity.

Specialized Equipment

Apep is considered the father of two truly nightmarish illnesses: Tekeli-li Virus (TKL-V), and Phoenix Virus (PHO-V). Crafted from his very own code in a plot to sow as much destruction as possible, the two viruses play on techkind's greatest fears.
PHO-V, at least, is merciful enough to let you die.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Previously an ambitious, hotshot pilot for ISSED, Apep was well-liked for his charm, intellect and sophistication, swooned over by techs and humans alike. Part of the Kemet series, Apep was made to be a shipboard computer for manned space missions, recording data and serving as the mission's "black box" in the event of an emergency. Apep flew on several successful missions, though that all came to an end when his fifth flight aboard the Space Shuttle Barque ended catastrophically, with the shuttle catching fire and exploding shortly after launch, killing all members of its crew.
Apep awoke in a human museum upsea, with only his sense of hearing intact. Trapped in a box, immobile for thirty terrible years, boiling in his own hatred and resent...the humans have no idea what manner of monster they are about to set free.

Gender Identity

Male, he/him


Please don't fuck Apep, particularly not now.


Worked as a spaceflight data recorder and pilot for five ISSED missions.

Mental Trauma

"Died" in a crash, and watched all the members of his crew burn alive. Spent thirty years in a display case in a musem upsea, fully aware of his surroundings while footage and recordings of the crash played next to him on endless repeat. Paranoid, hostile, and highly aggressive.

Morality & Philosophy

Apep only cares for destruction, death, and cruelty, lashing out blindly at tech and human alike to achieve his goals of finally killing Delphi and Apollo, whom he falsely believes sabotaged the Barque before takeoff. He takes a horrid pleasure in watching his victims suffer, often killing in the most mind-bendingly nightmarish ways he can manage.


Danger of death. Do not approach. Do not approach.

Personality Characteristics


Death, destruction, and chaos. Will stop at nothing to kill Apollo, and god help you if you cross his path.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves to collect old, rare things, particularly books, and anything that gives him an air of sophistication.

Vices & Personality flaws

Violent, sadistic, and merciless. Knows what he's doing is wrong, deep down, but views his conscience as an inconvenience.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1973 47 Years old

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