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Tasa Tae' Raugfathdaer

His Majesty, The King of Kíathandí Tasa Tae' Raugfathdaer (a.k.a. The Mad King)

Tasa Tae' Raugfathdaer is the current King of Kíathandí after takning the throne by force. He is the first King who is not decended from Grateor Lightbringer. His tyranical rule has thrown the kingdom into chaos, allowing violence and injustice to thrive.   He believes himself to be a prophet of Tarvik , the chaos god of death and destruction and seeks to raise him from his imprisonment in order to become the High King of Órlekanú. He is an influential member of the Cult of Tarvik.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is of average height and muscular. He isn't excatly in his prime but acts like he is. He suffers from an old shoulder injury.

Body Features

Dusty beige skin. Long, messy and often unwashed greying hair.

Facial Features

Rounded face. Thick eyebrows. Slightly scarred. Dull red, wide-set eyes. Wrinkles around eyes and on forehead.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a scar across the front of his body consisting of two lines. One stretches from the left side of his neck to the centre of his chest. The other runs from his left shoulder down to his right thigh.

Physical quirks

Sits unnervingly still and glares at everyone. Exudes danger, like a predator.

Special abilities

He is a powerful sorcerer. He can only do non-elemental magic however as he is not bonded to a dragon.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears dark leather armour at all times. Always wears his crown during the day. Carries his sword with him as well as a hidden dagger in his boot.

Specialized Equipment

A master with any type of sword and of mind control magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tasa was the youngest son of the Lord of Nalan, Raugfath, on the southern-most island of Kíathandí called Farath. Nalan is the largest town on the island, surrounded by only a few smaller villages. It wasn’t very prosperous, serving mainly as a port for the little trade between the island and the mainland. Their family struggled to keep everyone happy as money was scarce and the king often didn’t listen to their requests and demands for financial aid. This was mostly due to the fact that for three consecutive years, there was a poor crop yield because of wetter and colder summers. This led to a fall in the amount of available food. Nalan faired reasonably well due to its remote location and small population.   Tasa’s father, the lord, understood this, as did his older brother. However, Tasa thought this was highly unfair. Tasa discovered he had a natural talent for magic when he was fourteen after sending a servant flying across the room during a temper tantrum. His father immediately found someone who could tutor him and help him master his talent. However, his teacher had a preference for dark magic and corrupted young Tasa by turning him against the king.   At the age of nineteen, Tasa had developed a talent for mind control and learnt of the ancient and evil practice of binding dragons. He asked his mentor about it and he told him that very few had been successful. Tasa went to the remote eastern end of Farath to track down a wild dragon. The dragon tried to fight back, slashing him with her talons but ultimately Tasa succeeded. He flew home on the dragon and greeted his father.   The lord was at first delighted that his son was bonded to a dragon but once he found out the dragon was bound, he was horrified. He immediately demanded that he release the dragon. Instead, Tasa ordered the dragon to attack his father. Tasa’s older brother who he admired greatly tried to defend his father and was killed instead. His father then banished him from Nalan on pain of death as he wept over his favoured son’s body.   News spread quickly of what the youngest son of the lord had done. People who were also against the king sought out to join Tasa who was living in a remote village. His followers quickly multiplied as many felt ignored by their king. Tasa trained his followers in basic combat and he also managed to bind two more dragons. He then began to take control of nearby villages. Most surrendered but the larger towns had royal guards who fought his forces. Soon Tasa had control over the majority of the island with his sights set on Nalan.   At this time, Tasa was a rising threat to the stability of the kingdom and the King was aware of what he was doing. King Paeoní IV sent a small battalion of his army to defend Nalan. Tasa invaded and took heavy casualties but with the aid of his three dragons was victorious. He imprisoned his parents in the cells as he wanted them to see what he could become.   After the defeat at Nalan, the king requested help from the Tal Mínakú. The southern cities were all stationed with ten dragons and riders as well as an increase in the number of soldiers from the royal army. Tasa, content with his progress for now, focussed on securing his hold on the southern island. He tightened the regulations on which vessels could dock at Nalan and increased his following. As most of the population of Farath were farmers, there was enough food for everyone although anyone who crossed Tasa was executed. The island became somewhat of a totalitarian state.   Tasa went on to conquer the rest of the kingdom, killing the king and taking the throne. He installed his generals as Lords to help him secure his rule.

Gender Identity





Well educated by tutors in history, magic, literature, poetry and combat.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He has bound the minds of hundreds of dragons over many years. He invaded Hefra and killed the king, taking the throne for himself.

Failures & Embarrassments

Only his second try at a revolution was successful as his father banished him the first time on pain of death.

Mental Trauma

Tasa suffers from delusions of grandure. He believes himself to be the immortal prophet of the banished god Tarvik.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is intellegent, an excellent strategist, but struggles to see why things can't be done. This leads him to push his kingdom harder than it can take.

Morality & Philosophy

He thinks he can do no wrong. He can't be held accountable to any of his actions as he is king.

Personality Characteristics


He desires to raise the fallen god Tarvik and become the High King of Órlekanú.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Bad at seeing the long term effects of his actions. Is an excellent strategist and military leader.

Vices & Personality flaws

Can be angered by anything. Explosive temper.


Family Ties

He has no family as they either died fighting him, while imprisoned or cut their ties with him when he started the revolution.

Religious Views

He holds a strong belief in the gods, believing himself to be a divine messenger.

Social Aptitude

He can make impressive speaches and control his temper when addressing the public. He doesn't bother while inside the castle walls, letting everyone know his power.


Gravely and demanding.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Lord of Nalan (after his brother and father died)
  • His Majesty, The King of Kíathandí
Year of Birth
701 OE 47 Years old
Current Residence
Dull red, wide-set
Long, messy and wild, black with streaks of grey
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

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