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Hyacinth Fairview

Lady Hyacinth Siricus Fairview (a.k.a. Iron Lady)

Hyacinth is not a villan perse, but her actions indirectly enabled the demon lord Akuma to seize power in a way that would have been near impossible otherwise. for every demon entering this world there is always one human holding the door open. Hyacinth is one of those fools.   Hyacinth Fairview was born as Hyacinth Siricus, a lady from a slightly noble family of merchants. She was married to Reginald Fairview, owner of a local and promising iron mine. It was concidered a fortunous wedding for both families. Reginald was of poor health and lacked the strength to grow the Fairview business and Hyacinth was now married to one of Westhollows most rich individuals.   In the years that followed Hyacinth proved herself to be a skilled merchant as she propelled the Fairview mining business into Fairview steel. The company now held the rights to both the mining, smelting and processing of iron and steel and became a famous weapons dealer across all of Andron. Blades that did not held the Fairview seal of making became a rare sight. This due to some clever deals and intimidation and extortion of competitors.   when a local half-demon came to the fairview doorstep, Akuma was turned away quickly. no one dealt with demons, not even half-demons. when he returned with a fist filled with blood red rubies he was welcomed with open arms. The demon lord would become the best customer of Fairview steel, placing order upon order of red plated armor. each time he paid the family in blood-red rubies, gold ore and other valuable stones and minerals. Fairview competitors would shun the lord, prefering trade with Leopolds armies and local militia, but Hyacinth was not detered by the demons hunger for arms. later it seemed unlikely the demon lord Akuma would have ever risen to power the way he had done without the help of Fairview arms.   Even tough the business side was a great, the Fairview name was in danger. Reginald's health only worsened and it did not seem likely the couple would be able to provide offspring. In a last effrot to keep the Fairview name intact, Hyacinth and reginald adopted two small orphans from a local orphanage. A boy called Bartolomeus and a girl called Arisa. the girl turned out to be a nuicence to the Fairviews. She was rough like clay and could not be moulded into something more refined. She was quickly exiled from the mansion grounds and disinhereted. the boy however shoed great promise. Bartolomeau Fairview would be schooled in the Fairview Steel business. The Fairviews would survive in him.

Mental characteristics


Was trained by wise and expensive scolers on the subjects of business, iron, prspecting and merchant arts.


Works as the head of Fairview Steel. Taking the posistion of her indisposed husband Reginald Fairview.

Wealth & Financial state

is concidered onong the wealthiest family in Westhollow. Discussion is out on wether or not she is wealthiest in Andron. Bring up any doubt about this and be sure to gravely insult her. Ofcourse the fairview family is the most wealthy in Andron.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Circumstances of Birth
Born into the wealthy Siricus household, with three younger sisters. Hyacinth was raised with a silver spoon and concidered the most succesful of the Siricus line.
Current Residence
Long sleek, auburn hair. Fashioned in a highfashion dress-up, only worn by the rich.
Other Affiliations

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