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The forgotten tale of Marigold Iron

One of the unsung casualties in the great war belongs to Edward Marigold, the owner of a mining and smelting business in Nightshire. Edwards story is a far cry from the heroics perforned by notorious figures such as Ariana Reva, Leopold III, Balthazar Akuma, Keith Farmer or Arisa - this rather is the story of one of the many regular Joes that became victim of the turmoil that brewed in Andron.


Trade, merchants, Fairview Steel, betrayal, Trade wars, mining, business



Introduction of Edwards life. How he grew up to become a decent merchant, prospecter and business owner   When Edward Marigold was a boy, his father had a stroke of fortune. Bengte Marigold used the money to buy property to a nearby iron mine and started a business. When edward came of age he begged his father to give him the opertunity to take up aprenticeship with an iron founder. his father agreed and Edwars returned after his apprenticeship to his father company. They were called Marigold and Son. Mining and Foundery. The business flourished as Father and son had more gain of the ores that came from the mine than they would having sold it to an external forger. When Edwards father died, Edward continued the business as Marigold Iron.


his clash with the Fairview family, the business war that followed and the hardships that the Fairviews had him endure

Rising Action

Edward taked up action, rallies merchant guilds and forges a plan to stop Hyacinth's pratices. Lobbying against the sales of arms for hostile armies.


Edward discoveres Hyacinth's plans to overtake the Iron and Steel market. he believed that with this he can convince the guild to shhut Fairview down once and for all.

Falling Action

Hyacinth shuts him down. Marigold Iron is tarnished and Edward is ruined. His wife executed.


Edward is imprisoned and brought before Lord Akuma. There he is executed. Edward never stood a chance. The merchant guild is soon to be disbanded as Fairview gets hold of all Iron and Steel trade in Andron with the help of later, King Akuma.



Edward Marigold


Isabella Marigold


Hyacinth Fairview, Reginald Fairview
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Alternative story
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