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Betrayer of humanity

Alexei Reznov (a.k.a. Vexa)


The Calamity was an event that changed planet Earth forever. The Realm Wars was about to come to a definitive end with the events that followed, but no one was expecting the betrayal of one of The Nine. Vexa, as he was called, was the Chosen of Fire, wielder of Ignis. He was supposed to be among the saviors of humanity, but ended up nearly destroying them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

During a mission, Vexa was tricked by the forces of Mors into thinking he was betrayed by his friends before he died into the burning hell of a volcano. His hatred was matched only by his sheer power, and together those kept his soul intact even after death. Swearing revenge, he returned to the R.F.A. where his old colleagues were at, possessed the body of another student and infiltrated the academy. He used this opportunity to reveal the location of Atlantis to Mors, resulting in an assault to the R.F.A., when he revealed his true identity and tried to kill his former colleagues. The assault failed thanks to newfound Chosen, and Vexa retreated.

Time and time again he tried to thwart the Chosen' plans, succeeding once in a while, but they were eventually able to gather the remaining Elemental Stones. When the final battle took place, Vexa was there, by Mors's side, so powerful he nearly succeeded in killing the Chosen and dooming Earth. But he was overwhelmed and bound. Even though no one was able to kill him, a prison was made to hold him, hidden where he would be locked away forever and forgotten by history.


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