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Epike Falise Megaleos III

King Epike Falise Megaleos

Coming to the throne of Astrya in 769, King Epike III of Astrya is widely regarded as the country's most impacting (and infamous) monarch since the end of the Orcovian Dark Times. The man responsible for the passing of the Astryan Magical Ban, an act regarded across the continent as the harshest political act of the Common Era, could truly expect no less from the people of the surrounding nations and even his own people as families and cultures under his reign were destroyed in the name of his prejudice. His actions are known as having the sole largest effect on the continent of Orcovia as a whole since the Dark Times.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

King Epike III's most known accomplishment for which he is so widely known is the Astryan Magical Ban of 768; an act put into Astryan Law in the thirteenth month of the year he succeeded to the throne that banned the use of magic and the settlement of magical people within Astrya upon pain of death.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is widely regarded both by his people and the Aerie folk living within Astrya as sinister, quick to anger, and highly, highly cruel. While supported by some, and hailed as a hero by those, in truth he is a man controlled by hatred.

Personality Characteristics


His motivation politically is to rid his country of any and all magic, a concept he considers a threat beyond compare to what he considers 'normal' Astryan people.

Wealth & Financial state

As the King and highest power of Astrya, his wealth is beyond compare; part of his use in political power is to gain money and other forms of riches for himself and the highest citizens beside him in terms of riches and money accumulated.
Current Location
Year of Birth
738 OCE 49 Years old
Current Residence
Ice Blue, thin and wrinkled around the edges, with arched thin brows and a cold, empty look within them.
Short, and dark, cut in a military style.

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