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Captain Jeanne Bonningham

(a.k.a. Lucky Bonny)

I don't trust that woman Bonningham far as she could throw me, which knowing her is likely a good ways. She's a cunning devil, that one, always managing to bend a conversation three ways to Sunday until you're not quite sure of anything you've said but she's still smiling at you like a sly dog. Or mayhaps a wolf is more likely. Still, she cruised in aboard that bloody great brig of hers again last week, asking about for people looking to join her crew of good-for-nothings. I have no idea why a person would willingly sign up to be bossed around by her, unless maybe they've got the sea-addling. Still, I saw her leave port with a few fresh faces- one of them looked like Howard's boy, which means I'd better send a card his way. Glad to see that treacherous woman leave Seavale though, and with any luck she won't be coming back again soon.

Journal entry of a shopkeeper from Seavale, dated 292 6c.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jeanne is infamous for having been one of the pirates to bring the Corsair Accord back into the spotlight in Morova. As far as her early life is concerned, little is known or seems to be overly important. She is from the remote northern isles of Stell, and seems to have lived there until her involvement with piracy began in the early years of 270 6c. From there, she rose in power alongside the rest of the Corsairs. She turned many to lives of piracy thanks to her cunning wit and liberal offerings of gold, and as such she is reviled by the more civilized folk of Morova for causing such a large increase in the world's corruption.

Thanks to her excellence in tactics and negotiations, Jeanne lived a fairly long and prosperous life for a pirate. Her end came as a result of action against a Fharyne navy vessel, which her lookout had mistaken for a merchant ship. The battle not only killed her, but also decimated her crew and practically destroyed her newest prize ship. It was only the quick thinking of the surviving crew, led by Nathanael St.Beth, that got the ship back to shore. Now, the Corsair Accord continues to grow in influence despite her absence, and the people of Morova once more have to fear the pirate-ruled seas.
259 295 36 years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
"How do I always win? Why, simple: I just never lose."

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