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Delmore Gildenstern

Duke Delmore Methusela Gildenstern

The only child of the previous Duke and Duchess of Wadesten, Delmore grew up with the knowledge that he was a definite heir and would come into great power. With that power he wanted to change the world, or at least his little part of it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Delmore grew up in Wadesten Castle as the only child of the Duke and Duchess. He was doted upon and got his every wish as long as he fulfilled his duties as a son and heir and worked hard in his studies. There was never any difficulty which he had to face other than that of feeling compassion for other people. He found it amusing to torture the servants with pranks and barbs, knowing that they'd never be able to punish him or tell his parents that their perfect son had done any wrong.   While reading about his family's history, he thought that they should be the rightful rulers of Eischland and vowed to himself that he would see that come true one day. Since then he has held a contempt and aggression against all half-elves as the one sitting upon the throne is a half-elf.


Delmore had only the best tutors in all manner of subjects that would be of aid in his future duties as a duke and he excelled in all of them.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Every time he took the life of a half-elf, Delmore saw that as an accomplishment even if it was indirectly.

Failures & Embarrassments

The fact that people grew suspicious of Delmore's inaction in catching the perpetrators of the abductions and murders of a large number of half-elves was an embarrassment. He married a half-elf to throw off suspicion which just added to the shame he felt.   His largest failure was being apprehended before he had time to slowly poison his wife and children to death and replace them with a human wife and heir.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Duke of Wadesten
Year of Birth
1894 76 Years old
Current Residence


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