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Ulfric Haldursson

Ulfric Haldursson (a.k.a. Stormborn)

The Storm of the North, Ulfric Haldursson AKA the Stormborn was a mightly warlord and leader of the Kohan. Nearly all agree he was destined for greatness with the nature of his birth, but few knew that his martial prowess and forceful leadership would take him down a dark path.  

Early Life

Ulfric was born unexpectedly premature as his mother was travelling on board ship with a trader convoy travelling along the coast of the Sturbla Ocean, amid a thunderstorm of such magnitude that all other the vessels except his was lost with all hands. Though the birth went as well as could be expected among such treacherous conditions, the new babe was born with very unusual marks; he was covered head to toe in birthmarks that took the shape of the Old Runes.

Ulfric lived his formative years as any Kohan child, with a mix of housework chores, helping his family and learning the skills to survive as he got older. He saw raids on his village from other Kohan tribes, Krovandir raiders and many creatures that slunk out of the surrounding wilderness. By twelve, he was learning to fight and to sail, and it was soon clear to those around him that he was undeniably capable at both.
At fifteen, as the children of the village competed at their coming of age ceremony Ulfric, who already was several inches taller than all of his peers, battled his lifelong friend Dane. The two were well matched, Ulfric's strength and size against Dane's agility and quick reactions. The fight became a spectacle, blows were traded and turned, quick feet moving from powerful blows - until Ulfric saw an opening. Later it was discussed in whispered tones that the shout Ulfric roared boomed outwards like the peel of thunder, and that his blunted blade for a moment crackled with a light from within - whatever happened Ulfric seized the moment, and became lost within it. He clipped away Dane's blade, and swung his own blow inwards with such force it only stopped with Dane's neck was broken and his friend lay crumpled on the floor, dead. And the runes all over his skin, glowed.
In that heartbeat, he felt nothing. No remorse, no guilt, no fear. Nothing except a feeling of calm.  


Though Dane's death would quickly be forgotten, the sight of this fearsome young man would linger in many a memory and left many in his village fearful, and a few were likely to take matters into their own hands. Ulfric's father made the choice for the young man - he presented him with a bag of coin, and gifted him a small dinghy with sail, and within the week Ulfric had bade his family and village goodbye.

Little is known of what happened in the intervening years, but twenty years later almost to the day, the Stormborn arrived back at his village sailing up to the long pebbly beach, with eighteen longships at his command. What was once his home, became a ruin. Those who ran into the forest say that the Stormborn cut his own father down as he moved to greet him, and his raiders turned the rest to ash. All the while, Ulfric's runes glowed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

An incredibly tall sinewy musuclar man, his face framed by a blonde beard and top plait.

Identifying Characteristics

Ulfric's body with covered in birth marks that are recognisible as Old Runes. These have grown with him and seem not to have change or warped as his grew, nor have they been altered or changed from wounds Ulfric has recieved in battle. In fact, Ulfric extraordinarily has no scars whatsoever.
152 BF 115 BF 37 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Died in battle
Pale, icy blue
Blonde, shaved over the ears with a top plait
6' 8"

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