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Fanyana, The lurking child

Fanyana (a.k.a. The lurking child, The mother of magic, The little one, The black herald)

Fanyana is depicted in many forms, for fear comes in many shapes, it is nontheless admited that her "true" form is that of a young girl with very pale skin, like that of foreigners. She is usually dressed in a simple black dress imprinted with cloud like shapes, some say you can see monsters and otherworldly beings lurking inside of it. Her long straight black hair cascade in front of her face, hiding her features, exept for the two brightly glowing purple eyes, briming with arcane energy. As the mother of magic, she is usualy represented levitating above ground with many forms of magical energies or runes floating around her.

In the beastmen variant of the cult, she is a small tengu, a crow-like humanoid of small build. She is often depicted as a little black winged shape in front of an arcane cataclysm, heralding the coming storm.

Divine Domains

Death, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Void
Fanyana's favored weapon is the quaterstaff

Holy Books & Codes

Mthunzi - The book of shadows: This voluminous ancient book is filled with ancient magical writings. It is believed to be Fanyana's tome of spells that she sent to Avalan for her followers to study. Different reader will see different writtings on the pages, but for most, more than half of the book is completely blank. The deciphering of that book shaped arcane magic as it is today, but some says that a few saint of Fanyana discovered hidden meanings inside those pages, discovering powerfull magics that only them could use.
Only the highest member of the worshippers of Fanyana are allowed to read the book, but every follower knows the content of the very first page, a poem they often cite. It is believed to be the very base of her practice, and many think it hides a lot more than a warning.
It goes like this:
Do you my child understand
The forces that made you stand?
It is nor bravery nor confidence
Those illusions with wich you dance
But the fear of realizing
that true power is terrifying
Now hear my call and be cautious
For magic is wild and ferocious
And when you think you grasp it all
Death will come and reap it all

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The mask of Fanyana: A priest of Fanyana in a formal religious event must don the mask of Fanyana.
The duality: Two dots circled by two deformed arrows, this symbol represent both the duality of magic (arcane and sacred) and the duality of fear (both paralysing and energysing)
The two dots represent the attitude that can take an individual struck by fear, while the arrows represent both magics and ones ability to use it when pressured.

Tenets of Faith

Most warriros disregard fear as a child's reaction, one that would make a grown man weak. But they are mistaken, fear is a fuel for the impossible. Be cautious around an ennemy afflicted by fear and stripped of hope, for he won't refrain from using any means or power to get rid of the source of that fear. This desperate energy is what created magic in the first place, and when magic is involved,no one can truly be safe


There are few celebrations in honor of Fanyana, but everyday acts, like leaving an offering near a child's bed to plead Fanyana for a nightmareless sleep. Or a quick prayer from someone afflicted by fear to help him use it as energy rather than staying paralyzed by it.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As every ancestor spirit, Fanyana gain strenght feasting on the emotions (fear in her case) of the ones who go back to the cycle. Her goal is to make society develop a magic of its own to strengten its advancement. She also wants her teaching to be heard by the masses, so society accept fear, not as a weakness, but as an energy that will push them to greater height. Fanyana's only fear is to fail the trial of Khwezi and disappear as punishment, and if society do fail her judgement, Fanyana hope to have gathered enough strength to save herserlf.
Divine Classification
Ancestor spirit of fear

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