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The world of Alrevan is vast and full of wonders. It is split in three continent, each filled with growing civilizations. Two other continent are separated from the rest by sea and will be added much later. (think of it as america's discovery)   This is a medieval fantasy world, each continent is higly characterized with their own mentality, technology and even pantheon. Some races are also unique to certain places, and the demographics may vary, although humans are usualy the most prominent race. Traces of an old extinct civilization can be found everywhere.   The elemental planes creates a circle around the world (as in saturn ring) and thus the "elemental ring" is ever visible in the sky. Unlike many settings, these planes are physicaly attainable and perturbations in those planes can affect the world of Avalan. (plane shift still work though) The fire plane fades into the air plane, the air plane mix with the water plane, the water plane become mud near the earth plane and finally goes back to magma near the fire plane. the underside of this ring is the plane of shadows.