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Khwezi's legacy


On the material plane, each tribe or society following the legacy follow the same organisation:
Priests and acolytes carry the religious offices of their respective spirits. For big settlements that have an actual temple, the high priest is the head of the temple.
For countries where the legacy is the state religion, the religious order of the subdivisions of the country (duchies for instance) are lead by the bishops of said divisions. The bishops then report to the archbishops, usually residing in the capital of the country. There is one archbishop per great spirit, for a grand total of 13 archbishops, forming the counsel of Khwezi of said country.
Finally, the spirits sometimes nominate a saint, representing them on the material plane, the words of the saint are absolute for the followers of his spirit.

Public Agenda

The goal of the Legacy is to prepare the world for the return of Khwezi, the bright morning star.
They believe that Khwezi will judge her creation when she returns, and if civilization fails to convince her, Khwezi will erase it all and restart. They believe that this is what happend to the extinct civilization. To pass that judgement, the followers of the legacy believe that there needs to be one united civilization, incompassing all intelligent races, and where all respect nature.

They also believe that when a follower dies, his emotions are given to the spirits of the ancestors, strenghtening them, and that those spirits need to stay in balance. In that regard, the Legacy tries to limite excess of a single emotion, for exemple, wrath in times of war, or sadness after a calamity, but also love and joy in times of peace.
This last point is the strangest thing for foreigners, who can't understand that for a Khwesian, joy can be a "bad" thing


The assets of the Legacy varies for each given country or tribe. But will often disvalue gold, spending it as it come for the betterment of society. Their power is usually built on belief and acts rather than gold and overwhelming temples.


The myth of creation as believed by the Khwezian:
At the begining of time a single star gained contiousness. She awoke to a cold universe that inert stars tried to warm up, a number of rocks were gravitating silently around those heavenly bodies. This awoken being felt lonely and started tinkering with those rocks terraforming them into planets. She then moved on to the creation of life, on her greatest creation: the planet of Avalan.
Starting with plants and then animals she took great joy and pride in the creation of life, but the newly formed planet core was corrupted and tainted her creations, thus came the monsters. Still she considered them a part of her creation and left them roaming the world, witnessing their evolution.

Yet, all these development weren't enough, she needed more, something she could interact with, and so she developped the intelligence of her creations, forming the first civilizations. But when she contacted them, they suffered greatly, for her sole presence was far too much for the mind of those littles races, they went mad and killed each other in a great war, and when she tried to stop them, she unnintentionnaly killed them.

She started anew, but this time, she did not directly contact the newly formed civilizations, but instead used the energy left behind by those who passed away to create a stronger form of being, the great spirits. There were two kinds: The great spirit of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Life, formed from the energy of the elements. And the ancestor spirits, fuelled with emotions: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Hope, Joy, Love, Sadness and Surprise.
And finally she had something to directly interact with. Those spirits were strong enough to wistand her presence, and were able to communicate with the Avalan civilizations on her behalf. Those civilizations managed to finally understand the existance of their creator, and named her "Khwezi" meaning "the bright morning star" in their old language.

Exhausted she went into a deep sleep among the stars, and when she woke again, came to check on her creation. But once again, war had broken out, and in her anger, she wiped them all out once more.
She restarted the whole process, creating a new set of intelligent life, and as she prepared to go for her long sleep, she warned the great spirits that she would return and would once again judge civilization, and if those civilizations could not pass her judgement, she would once again wipe them all out and restart.

No one knows how many cycles it has been between then and our time, but the traces of the former civilizations remains, warning us of what is to come. Thus we out to create a better world, one that our creator can be proud of and that will finally pass her judgement.

"Buyisiwe khwesi": Until the bright morning star returns

Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
"The legacy" or "The cult of the bright morning star"

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