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Nraï, the victorious anger.

Nraï (a.k.a. The spirit of wrath, the victorious anger)

Nraï is often represented as a colossal man with ripped muscles and very dark skin covered with scars. He has the fearsome yellow eyes of a beast and long unkept red hair. Legend says his hair were originally white, but were stained to the core with the blood of his ennemies. He is usually depicted as a screaming bare chested barbarian, sometimes with fangs or tusks in stead of his regular teeth, wielding his blood soaked terbutje made of the bone of a tarasque.

In the beastmen version of the cult, he is represented a lion headed man with red fur (used to be white, same legend as the hair). He is usually shown roaring victoriously in the middle of a battlefield, his mighty terbutje stuck in the ground near him.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Nobility, Strenght, War
Nraï favored weapon is the Terbutje

Holy Books & Codes

Siphamandia - The tablets of Nraï: these engraved stone tablets are the commandements of Nraï in wich one is encouraged to seek strenght, that the strong shall rule the weak, and that seeking power is the greatest goal a follower of Nraï can have.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The mask of Nraï: A priest of Nraï in a formal religious event must don the mask of Nraï. Some warriors did bring it to war, but it reduces the field of vision and thus stays an oddity.
The pointed down terbutje: This is N'raï weapon and symbol, often engraved in a simple trinket made of simple materials. This symbol is also often found tattoed on the bodies of fierce warriors or hunters.

Tenets of Faith

Through wrath, strenght. Through strenght, power. With power I shall lead, with power I shall be victorious


The wrath tournament: These festivities last for a month. During this period a fighting tournament is held to appease Nraï's thirst for violence. Any person who already went through the first aging ceremony has to participate, male or female, old or young. Only the injured can be excused. After the fights, great feast will be organised by the village, and later in the night, the old will tell war/hunt stories to the kids.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As every ancestor spirit, Nraï gain strenght feasting on the emotions (anger in his case) of the ones who go back to the cycle. His goal is to be celebrated in an everstrenghtening world, to witness how strong civilization can grow, and then push it even further.

Divine Classification
Ancestor spirit of wrath
Chaotic neutral
Khwezi's legacy

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