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Simangele, the mad wanderer

Simangele (a.k.a. The mad wanderer, The trickster spirit, The shooting star, The fatebender)

Simangele is often represented as an incredibly beautifull woman with faery features. Her skin is tanned by days under the bright sun, higlighting her bright clear eyes, a pale sky blue for the left one and a soft jade green for the right one. Several layers of brigthly colored clothing maintained by brown leather bags and belts give her a recognizable traveling outfit, completed by a hood failing to cover her long red-earth colored hair. Her fine unclothed arms and legs are filled with silk bands and other pieces of jewelry and bells creating a smooth enthralling music along each of her steps. She always goes barefooted, leaving no footstep or any trace of her passing behind.

In the beastmen version of the cult, she is a small faery, with insect like features like dragonfly wings or a pair of antenna on her forehead. Much like Fanyana, she is a metamorph and have been seen in a number of forms. She does prefer her small appearance as it becomes even more difficult to see her coming and going.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Luck, Madness, Travel, Trickery, Weather
Simangele's favored weapon is the chakram

Holy Books & Codes

Simangele is the most misterious spirit, and thus gave no instruction or morale conduct for her worshippers to follow.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The mask of Simangele: A priest of Simangele in a formal religious event must don the mask of Fanyana. Some travellers also wear it as a good luck charm for safe travel.
The three comets: This symbol represent three falling stars following each other in a counterclockwise circle. The top one is named luck, the left one is madness and the final one is travel: the pilgrim travel hoping for luck, but actively pursuing luck is an act of madness, then again, you need to be a little mad yourself to leave the shelter of your house to take on the road.

Tenets of Faith

Surprise is the greatest gift of our creator, do not try to predict what is ahead of the road, for I will make sure to shift it all


The night of gifting: On the longest day of the year, the whole tribe or village will reunite and spend the whole day fasting and telling stories of unexpected events that happend during the passed year. At night fall, they will all organise a great feast and continue on telling stories and prayers to Simangele. When the sun rises, they will finally gift each others presents. The choice of the gift and of the gifted are decided by each individual, and are to be kept an absolute secret. But it is said that if someone ends up giftless, the next year will be cursed with bad luck for the villagers or tribesmen.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Simangele sole purpose is to be surprised, no matter the means or the result, she awaits Khwezi's judgement more than any other spirit, just for the fun of it. And she wishes to surprises civilization with her gift good or bad, just to see how thy will react. She seek individuals who understand the value of randomness and surprise to play with her.

Divine Classification
Ancestor spirit of surprise
Chaotic neutral
Khwezi's legacy

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