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Sombra was a unicorn in the ancient Crystal Empire in the far north. Originally good he sought to uncover a hidden army under the empire and became twisted and evil in his pursuit. His horn became long, curved, and red tipped, his eyes changed to red, and his mane became jet black. Armed with powerful dark magic he learned to warp the crystals of the empire into emotion draining constructs and created masks that bent the wearer to his will. After stealing the crystal heart and hiding it away there was nothing to stop him.   For years he terrorized the Empire growing his power, but before he could march on the growing Equestria in the south its leaders attacked using the Elements of Harmony. They banished him to a deep fissure in the ice, turning his body to smoke. Thinking themselves triumphant they were surprised to find the Crystal Empire itself had disappeared with all of its inhabitants.   1000 years passed and the Crystal Empire suddenly returned with no warning. Its citizens were unharmed and hadn't aged a day, however they refused to talk about the passed and appeared somber and aloof. Within days of the empire's return Sombra did as well. Still as powerful as ever the gas spirit attacked the unprepared empire with a great blizzard. Using his magic he tainted the horns of the two immortal princesses that banished him last time leaving those trapped in the city with little hope and fewer options. Shining Armor managed to guard the empire with a great magic shield but the influence of Sombra found its way in, it was only a matter of time before the shield was destroyed and the empire with it. Twilight and the baby dragon Spike sought the crystal heart, the only artifact that could stop Sombra. As these things go they found it at the last minute and restored the heart to its place at the base of the castle, purging Sombra from the land once and for all in an explosion of magic.
1020 990
Black pupil, red iris, green sclera
Long and black

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