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Maira Taalin

Queen Maira, Goddess Maira Athelwyn Nelralan

Maira, once was a normal elf living with a family that she hated. She ran away to have fun with guys and met Taalin who took her away from the forest and took her to rule Morte.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Beautiful slender woman

Body Features

very pale, almost like she doesn't get any sun or still being a vampire. She has a Wider Waist to Hips Ratio. Huge breasts.

Facial Features

Well-formed cheek bones, large eyes, high eye brows and Luscious Lips.

Identifying Characteristics

Her elven ears are a big identifying feature, elves are not really rare but where she was in Morte she was the only elf allowed by her to live.

Physical quirks

She always walks around like she is the best thing in the world, with her breasts popped out a bit and her hips swaying side to side making her butt wiggle as she walks.

Apparel & Accessories

A thin purple jacket with a neck line that plunges well below the bosom and flairs out away from her abdomen into a long billowing tail. She also wears a bronze thong and hard thigh high boots.

Specialized Equipment

She knows her daggers very well. What dagger will work best for what kill. She also is great with poisons. She knows what poisons will kill fast or kill slow, what will never kill but make you horribly sick. She is very well knowledge in sexual things as well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Maira, or her given name Athelwyn, was the only child of the King of the elves in the forest. She was happy about that then her mother became pregnant. Maira knew that she would not be the center of the world again so she ran away from her family. She started having fun with men to where she was beaten and almost dead when her families guards find her and bring her back home. Her mother dies giving birth to her younger brother. Her father marries again to someone who was just barly older then Maira was. Maira hated that woman and tried to get her brother to hate her as well. Her brother looked up to her, Maira when she could not handle being in the woods anymore told her brother that she would come back for him. When she left the forest she was beaten, then Taalin rescuses her. They travel together and become vampires together. Then they take over the biggest city and start ruling the continent. Taalin and Maira become king and queen over the whole contintent and being that Maira enjoyed thieving and sex she started a thieves guild under a brothel.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Finding Taalin, becoming a vampire, taking over Morte, becoming a mother of Byrnne and a daughter, becoming a goddess

Failures & Embarrassments

her second daughter who ran away and became a good person

Mental Trauma

One of her phobias are disapointing Taalin but she tries to get him to hate her because that is the best time in bed.

Morality & Philosophy

Maira really has now moral compass. She will fall for anything living, women or men, any humanoid creature. She believes that 'having fun' is the best thing to do even if it is forced upon someone, that is one of Maira's favorite thing to do.

Personality Characteristics


Having everyone enjoy the women in her brothals and break up marriages. She also wants people to want death all around so she can help her deity counter part Satanta more power because if he gets more power she also grows in power.



Husband (Vital)

Towards Maira Taalin



Maira Taalin

Wife (Vital)

Towards Taalin



Byrnne Satantason

Son (Trivial)

Towards Maira Taalin



Maira Taalin

Mother (Important)

Towards Byrnne Satantason



70 DA 2062 RA 2132 years old
Current Residence
Green: Emerald - A very dark green, sometimes luminous.
long, flaxen, sleek hair
90 lbs
Known Languages
normal common, elven, draconic, abysal, sylvan

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