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Adelar "Teng Guanyu" Mayr

Adelar Ingo Mayr (a.k.a. Teng Guanyu)

He claims to be the man of the people, who wishes to unchain the enslaved masses and free them from the despotic rule of their monarchs and, what he claims, "corrupt" governments. In reality however, he is nothing more than a populist dictator on the rise, violently trying to make his way to the top of the food chain. Believe me, when the right time comes, he will show his true colours and the complete lack of care for "the common folk", for which he supposedly fights. Because in the end, he is only fighting for himself. Old Tsar Maximilian Aksynov to his son, the current Tsar Sergei III, about Mayr and his motivations behind the revolution in the Avian Monarchy

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early years

Adelar Ingo Mayr was born into an intelligentsia family of socio-political thinkers, known for their questionable views about the monarchies of Aon and socialist-extremist ideas. This lead to their eventual arrest by the Verfande government, as they became far more public with their cries for the abolition of the position of the Kaiser and complete economic and social restructuring. Due to this, Adelar was left alone at the age of 17, forced to somehow tend for himself. For the next couple of years, aided by friends of the family, he completed high school and got into university, studying law and economics. It's during this time that he began writing his ideological essays, building upon the concepts his parents have preached.  

Banishment from the Kaiserreich

At the age of 25 Adelar was expelled from his further studies on the University, after he began publicly preaching to other students what he called "enlightened syndicalism". This additionally put him on a watchlist of the Verfandian police, something that soon yielded disastrous results for him. Since he has decided not to give up on his political ideas, he soon began organizing a small club where thinkers could come and talk together, often with some sort of an audience. This was of course so he would have some safe ground for his ideological preaching. However, just after a few months of successful operation, the club was abruptly shut down by an intervention of the police who have found out about the meetings and their context. Since no real bigger act of public offence took place, Adelar could not have been arrested like his family before him. Instead, he was sentenced to banishment from the Kaiserreich on the grounds that he posed a potential social threat. With this, Adelar took his leave from the empire and migrated to the Central Continent where he settled down in the Avian Monarchy.  

Establishment of the Aviani "Revo-Syndicat" Front

The choice of the Avian Monarchy as his new home was not random. Adelar knew that the strong traditional caste system present within the nation was causing unrest in the Aviani society, with more people turning away from the queen and her despotic rule and searching for some alternative to it. This was the perfect preaching ground for his ideological conceptions. He began slowly, first establishing his name in some way within the Monarchy. To achieve this he began writing political texts describing the usual lives and differences of both the lowest and highest caste, alongside other more or less blatantly critic towards the system essay works. This slowly gained him supporters and popularity, something that went unnoticed in the royal court that was preoccupied with petty matters. After a few years, he established the so-called "Revo-Syndicat" Front, a political organisation that was meant to popularise the concepts of syndicalism. The name stood for that, as well as "revolution", an aspect that Adelar was also preparing for, as he knew there was no other way than to seize power that way. In turn, his Front had often dealt with illegal dealers of weapons, informers and such, but because of the inefficient and corrupt law enforcement, this too has gone undetected.  

Revolution of 3470

Adelar's concepts of revolution became possible after a controversial idea from the queen to deify in some way all past and future monarchs, of course including herself. This caused nation-wide strikes and protests, as the country was suffering from economic regress, social divide and so on. There were attempts by the government to put them down with force, which only worsened the situation, enraging furthermore the general population. This was the time to act for Adelar and the "Revo-Syndicat" Front. He went out to hold a few rousing speeches aimed against the tyranny of the queen and her inept rule and government, which got him the support of the irritated common folk he needed. With this, he declared a temporary Revolutionary Aviani State thus sparking a civil war. Through the support of the people, the Syndicalists won making Adelar the leader of a newly created government. He proclaimed the abolition of the monarchy and official creation of the Revolutionary Avian Syndicalist Republic (otherwise known as the Aviani Syndicalist Republic).  

In power and "World Revolution"

After the victory over the monarchist forces, the true colours of Adelar began to show through. He ordered mass executions of loyalist forces and other monarchist sympathisers, often in inhumane and cruel ways. Not only that, he deposed and then exiled his closest ally from the Front, as he was "too influential to be kept around". The syndicalist system created by Adelar was begun to be put in place shortly after the establishment of the Republic, often by force when the people did not comply. It is also with this victory that the idea of a "Weltrevolution" surfaced in his mindset. The syndicalist victory in the civil war was already an enormous morale boost for all syndicalist movements across Aon but they were not equipped sufficiently to pose a threat to the monarchies and other governments. Because of this, he ordered the establishment of the "Reformists" Syndicalist Front that would aid these political and terrorist groups achieve their goals that would bring them closer to his Republic and under his command.

Personality Characteristics


His greatest dream is to take revenge on all those who have done him wrong in the past, to obliterate the system and remake it in his own idea, no matter the cost. A system where he has control over everything he wishes.
Year of Birth
3429 TE 43 Years old
This should be of no surprise that she has done you this evil! There is no care nor weight of importance she puts on you, as to her You are all but subject slaves, where it is her who plays gods and decides Your fate. But I say, no longer! Quote from his speech against the hostile actions made by the government of the queen against the protesters
"Reformists" Syndicalist Front
Organization | Jul 17, 2018

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