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The Deity of Death (a.k.a. The Fallen Deity)

When there was a need for death, Necrox was the one that answered   When Gaia was still young, the 10th noticed something interesting. Their creations wouldn't die. They would keep on coming back, regenerating from the unimaginable. So they decided to make a deity of death. They combined their powers and created the deity.   Before they could name him, he went on a rampage. With all their combined might, the 10th were only able to stand up to Necrox's power. However this wasn't going to last, Necrox was getting stronger by the minute. Instead of defeating the mad deity, they decided to trap him in a chest called the God Seal. In this chest, Necrox's power would be able to naturally flow out so death would still exist.   For over two thousand years, Necrox was trapped in the God Seal. He could only watch the outside world while he was forced to use his power. Necrox felt only despair and thirsted for vengeance.   One day, the seal started to crack. Necrox took this chance and slithered out of the God Seal. He was still weakened and needed someone to set him free. He searched all over Gaia until he made it to the Lacus Empire. There he found twins mourning over their dead parents. He floated to them and stared at them. He wanted to what was wrong and when he asked, they explained what happened.   This was Necrox's first time feeling empathic towards someone else. He offered his services to the twins and they agreed to help him. When the twins asked what his name was, Necrox realized his family didn't name him. So the twins gave him his name. Then they returned to their castle, readying themselves for what was about to come.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Necrox is too weak to have an actual form. He uses stitched together dead bodies to interact with the world.

Special abilities

Necrox has power over death himself. In his prime, he could kill things with only a thought.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Necrox carries himself out as a male.


This is unknown.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He destroyed half of Gaia without trying. Necrox was capable of fighting all of the other deities at the same time.

Failures & Embarrassments

Necrox wasn't able to control his power and was forced to go into the God Seal.

Mental Trauma

Necrox was been trapped in the God Seal for over two thousand years. Which means he hasn't had contact with anyone and holds a grudge against the 10th for keeping him in isolation.


Family Ties

Necrox is technically speaking related to all of the deities.
Divine Classification
Necrox is the deity of death.
Necrox doesn't have a biological sex.
Aligned Organization

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