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A reflection of our world. Gaia is filled with magic and wonder. The people of Gaia vary between humans like us or monsters of myths and legends. The land itself is stilling recovering from a great battle that happened eons ago. But this hasn't stopped the creation of nine kingdoms.   But unknown to the citizens of Gaia, a great evil is preparing a new world order. A group known as the 10th knows what's happening and has enlisted the help of ten mortals to stop this evil. The 10th gave each mortal astonishing control over elements.   They intend to train them by allowing to enter their dimensions and fighting them. But of course, things are never that easy. The only way to get a member of the 10th is finding that member's crystal. The crystals have been scattered all over Gaia to help with the healing process. That and the mortals they've chosen are all over Gaia.   So one of 10th tasked her mortal, Snow, to find the others and locate the crystals. The question still remains if Snow and the rest of the mortals will be able to defeat this great evil.