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Lacus Empire

The Lacus Empire is an island kingdom in the middle of the Ecto Sea. It's one of the first kingdoms to be created in Gaia. Just like most of the other kingdoms, Lacus kept to themselves and wouldn't bother themselves with the affairs of others. They were content with everything they had.   However, this changed on Prim Ende Fourth, Seven Hundred X. On this date, the royal family of Lacus was attacked by an assassin. The king and queen died protecting their twins. With a good look, it was evident that the assailant belonged to another country. The entire kingdom cried for the deaths of the king and queen. After the funeral, the twins declared that the act of aggression wouldn't go unpunished. This was their declaration of war. And for the next two years, they focused on building the might of their army and conquering the rest of Gaia.

Public Agenda

Their main goal is to spread their control throughout Gaia. They do this by either negotiating with other the kingdoms or by sending troops and overpowering them.


Because of how big the island is and their massive population, they have more enough room to do just about everything. Their main focus is training their troops and supplying them with whatever is necessary.


Over two thousand years ago, The Lacus Empire was formed. Their island into a paradise in a less than a decade. During the next two years, they made several advancements in technology.

Demography and Population

Lacus is a very heavily populated island. The Kingdom itself it split off into different sections.


The empire only has control over their island. They're attempting a full-scale invasion on Gaia.

Foreign Relations

After the attack on the Kingdom, their relationship with the other kingdoms isn't the best. As of now, they have no allies.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
They use iron and bronze pieces for currency. It has also trade things amongst one another.
Notable Members

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