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Mr. Perelli

Mr. Pazuzu Perelli

The owner of the Cornerstone Aerial Postal Service and the wealthiest man in all of Hyrule, Mr. Perelli is a ruthless businessman who appreciates the value of convenience, as well as power.   In public, Mr. Perelli is as mild-mannered and reasonable as he is shrewd, cunning, and ruthless. He is very business-savvy and charming to the point of being very persuasive. He appreciates convenience above all else, hence why he was driven to start C.A.P.S. in an attempt to make communications convenient for everyone. He has a sharp wit and enjoys a good banter, and he fancies himself an expert debater.   In private, the man is calculating and manipulative and has very little empathy or sympathy for those that he cannot use to further his own agenda. Although he does truly want to make the world a more convenient place to live, he believes that he alone should be the arbiter of how this new world should work and that everyone should defer to his judgment when it comes to such. He has no problem with having people eliminated to meet his goals, and he practically gets off on controlling people from the shadows with his money and influence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mr. Perelli grew up poor in the Rito Village along with every other Rito. Refusing to accept this fate, he left the village and traveled around the world in pursuit of wealth. After striking it rich on the treasure-hunting circuit, being one of the only people who ransacked Hyrule Castle and lived to tell the tale, Perelli noticed that all of his mail took impossibly long to deliver. After doing a bit of research, he had the idea of using his own people to create an efficient mail service for all the land to enjoy that he alone would control. Using his powers of persuasion, and his wealth, he convinced all of Hyrule to adopt his system, soon making him the wealthiest and most powerful businessman in the land.  
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Not content with the riches acquired from legitimacy, Mr. Perelli soon set his sights on the seedy underworld of Hyrule's criminal empire. He convinced some associates to help him create The Society, an assassins guild that specializes in covert ops and uses it to slowly but surely change the political landscape to fit his agenda.

Accomplishments & Achievements

No matter what one can say about Mr. Perelli and his lack of scruples, it is impossible to discredit his business genius. While he did take advantage of his own race in order to accomplish it, Mr. Perelli had transformed mass-communication in Hyrule forever. Thanks to C.A.P.S., people can send and receive letters and parcels faster than ever before conceived. Regardless of if anyone would like to admit it, the entire land of Hyrule relies on C.A.P.S., just as Mr. Perelli ensured that it would.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Mr. Perelli is an excellent public speaker and is very charismatic to the point where he finds it simple to persuade people over to his side. He is very good at gathering all the cards to give him the upper-hand in any given dilemma, and he has a knack for disarming even his toughest opponents in a debate.

Likes & Dislikes

Hates all things inefficient and slow, including people. Those who fit this category and work for him are quick to get the ax, sometimes literally.   Absolutely can't stand the sight of death, be it a deceased body, a grievous injury, or blood, and will vomit if forced to look up it.

Vices & Personality flaws

While usually good-natured, Mr. Perelli is prone to outbursts of rage whenever he is met with the slightest inconvenience. He despises his first name and will shun anyone who refers to him as such, even his own family. He is meticulous to the point of obsession and will refuse to enter a room if it contains even the slightest mess or unpleasant smell. Also, he is extremely proud and vindictive and will ruin the lives of or kill anyone who sufficiently bruises his ego.
Year of Birth
25 EA 55 Years old
Current Residence
Purple feathers that are short and slicked back
158 pounds

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