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Laertes (a.k.a. Right Hand of Hades)

Born of pain and twisted by the evil desires of his father Hades, Laertes desires nothing and is single minded in his pursuit of his father's goals. No one knows where or who he was born to, they only know he showed up out of the desert and started recruiting. Those with ill intent fell quickly into his service and he wasted no time hunting down the righteous. After years of coalescing power in the Trichonida Desert of southern Stoumari, Laertes began machinations for spreading his dominion into Cestor. He grew tired of tracking down and subjugating or killing any potential rivals or burgeoning heroes one by one, so he made pacts with a powerful witch in the swamp lands just south of the river border and the cursed men in the forests south of that. Raiding parties and rituals sprang up to terrorize the surrounding towns and villages. Not long after, a call went out for heroes and the birth of what would become his downfall, the Furies' Fire, was heralded across the countryside. His lieutenants fell one by one. Orestes, the cursed man; Acacia the swamp witch; Giles the satyr and finally Asterion the minotaur of legend. Laertes was forced into the light and started his attack of the fledgling group of heroes. After quickly subduing the group, he moved on to the work of finishing them when the light of Zeus himself shined down through the circlet of one of his most devout Paladins, Priam, and forced his retreat. This defeat for the Furies' Fire was the spark they needed to seek out and learn of their own heritage and embrace their innate power and ultimately put them on the path to revenge against Laertes

Divine Domains

Death, Trickery

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Bident encircling the world

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Laertes' goal is to further the goals of his father without question or personal desire.
Divine Classification
69 106 37 years old
Yellow with a slight glow
shoulder length, sleek and stark white
135 lbs

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Cover image: by Jay Andersen


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