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Jamys Windtaker

Jamys Dawn

Jamys Windtaker was a renowned pirate, most famous for having sailed with and being the quartermaster of 'Akhai, the Storm's Gift. Before meeting 'Akhai, he was the most well-known pirate of the dangerous seas. His ship The Dawnbreaker is one of the best known and least recognizes ships in the world.   He disappeared with her as they sailed two seperate ships into the Yngveig. Though 'Akhai returned, Jamys is still considered missing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of Jamys Windtaker's background is unknown, but he supposedly grew up in a harbourcity in Delnat, the son of commoners. He was a troubled youth and was quickly sucked into criminality and, soon, piracy. He quickly rose to positions of great height, and impressed many crewmen in his days.


Though employed on many ships, Jamys never seemed to find peace, always searching for more. He was never content with being one of the many, and always pushed to prove his worth.   He rose to become captain himself after the events of the Burning of Wanborne and it was there that his true pirate legend was born.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Jamys Windtaker was never quite content, and that went with his seafaring too. Though piracy was his call, he always felt a pull to the far horizons of the oceans. He was one of the few sailors who has ever had successful piracy on the outside of the contintents, and frequently went head to head with military ships and heavily guarded merchant ships.   He was only caught once, by 'Akhai, the Storm's Gift, which took his life in an entirely new direction.
Current Location
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