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Synclaire - The Fallen

The first entity to attack the System

Synclaire Richuel

Are you all blind? Do you think this is all to life, to the world? I know of one way you can experience life outside the confines of this limited shell, and I can take you there easily. Just accept this blessing and you will know true life.
— Synclaire

Synclaire's logs have been mostly wiped from the system, but there are still records out there that hold information about her involvement with The First War of the Threat Wave. Her intention to destroy Navi-PC shook the world, almost bringing the whole system down into Energaia's embrace. Her blasphemous actions caused mass hysteria that was never known to the orderly mechanisms of The Ministry until the war began. Luckily, they found the entity Avastra, who was skilled and promising enough to defeat Synclaire and her swarm of monsters.


Appearance At The Gate

A few years after Synclaire's disappearance, Ministry officials reported her found at the Isle of Securo. She looked almost like nothing of her former self. Synclaire had her own set of wings, definitely not entity made like a Levitation Incorporated Framework Transport, and had an army of creatures following her call. She sent her message of salvation through the city of Nexus through every communication channel she could hack, an unforeseen power she somehow obtained. Synclaire proclaimed her powers came from a power higher than even Motherbjorn, and the gate was the key to paradise. To expedite everyone's decision, she commanded her army to attack the city. Spoiled with the inexperience of threats and without a robust security system, Nexus was overwhelmed. Some entities decided to save themselves by accepting her offer, and others fought for years to come. The Ministry announced Synclaire as corrupted, unable to be redeemed.


Chaos and Destruction

The extent of Synclaire's power and influence was frightful and immense. Not only did Nexus suffer the onslaught, but the other islands were impacted as well. Creatures continued to flow out of the Fidelity Gate, eating away at resources and devouring entities foolish enough to get in their way. Either Energaia was rising, or the islands were falling. The dark of night stopped coming, and the light of day kept getting brighter and hotter. The System was going down in hellish flames and the last lines of defense rose up to be tested.


The Final Cycles

In final efforts by the Ministry of Management, they recruited several talented entities, including Avastra, to combat Synclaire. Avastra and her crew's coordinated efforts not only was able to protect the living entities left in Memree, but also pushed back against the Threat wave by researching, observing, and recording what tactics were needed to successfully defeat each type of threat. This endeavor took years, but was effective at mitigating damage. When Avastra finally got close enough to Synclaire and the Fidelity Gate, she executed Synclaire once and for all and quarantined the Fidelity Gate. The Ministry of Management soon took over to enforce the strictest regulations at the Fidelity Gate to ensure an incident like this never happened again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Her natural beauty was a sight to behold. She was youthful with soft doe-like eyes, lithe, and light on her feet. Her hair was always styled, and her body was adorned with the finest fashions she could afford. However, she tended to get sick at times and was generally frail.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Historical records reveal that Synclaire had numerous relationships during later years after beginning to work full-time in Nexus. Partners that have come forward in testimony said she was alluring yet callous. She mostly kept her distance, hiding whenever she felt ill.   After the incident in Sector 0 where a threat ravaged the area, Synclaire was one of the entities gone missing. It was recorded that she was probably terminated, but her address in Memree was still intact. Her name was kept on a search list for a time in case she was still alive.


Synclaire was reported to have held a job as a mid-level authorized entertainer in Sector 1 of Nexus at a club called "Shooter" before she became corrupted.

An Entertainer's Duty
She was a game, a play thing for other entities to get a thrill out of. She specialized in playing an elaborate cat and mouse game with her clients, and in the end let them do what they wanted with her.

Personality Characteristics


From her point of view, her desire was to shepherd entities willing to accept her "blessing" into a new world that she believed to be better.

580 605
Glistening gold
Long blonde locks with a slight wave
5' 10"
Quotes & Catchphrases
There is more to life outside the System.
Known Languages

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018: “Write about a villain in your world who changed history."

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