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Mirko Benesch

Though born in rural Petrek, Benesch eventually became one of the Petrekian king's closest advisers and eventually assumed de facto control over the government. He met the young crown prince by chance while the prince was out hunting and lost control of his horse. Though the prince's guards initially believed Benesch was trying to kidnap the prince, he was eventually free to return to his village, and the two parted on good terms. Many years later when the king was dying, the crown prince issued a plea for anyone who could help heal the king. Benesch, an alleged magic user, responded. While he could not save the king's life, he ensured that the last few days were peaceful. In that time, the prince began confiding in Benesch, and the two developed a close relationship. Benesch stayed at the palace, though he was extremely unpopular among the other nobles and advisers. There is one instance where the king's sister's horse was struggling to give birth, and Benesch was able to save both the mare and the foal where the other doctors believed both were lost. Within a few years, Benesch had the king's ear, and some suspect that they might have been lovers. He began pushing for various reforms changing the treatment of serfs on noble owned land, punitive tax rates on peasants, and abolished revenue for nobles from the state. He also improved rights for magic users in the country and created a Mage's College. However, in the wars against Astoria and Retland, Benesch proved to be a mediocre strategist at best. He refused to listen to the advice of generals and was known to change his mind on a whim. The king reasserted his control, and the nation saw victory after victory. Angered by this, Benesch cursed the king to bad fortune. A week later, the queen suddenly died, and the crown prince died in a riding accident. As the Retland army marched closer to the capital, it is believed that Benesch torched the city. The king died after being mysteriously poisoned, and the nation rallied against Benesch. However, he was never caught nor was a body found.

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