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God of Hunger and Despair Diavalo

In my gathering of information across the Wuld there is one story that has remained consistent. The ancient deity Diavalo was by far one of the most wicked and cruel creatures to have ever lived.   He appears to have been one of the first gods born during the second age, and is considered by most texts to have been the brother of the goddess Rain. While I have been unable to find any evidence to support the idea that he had something to do with her disappearance, I would say from what I've been able to gather on him that could be a very real possibility.   Diavalo was a god who lacked imagination. Rather than creating his own races, he combined existing ones. Mashing together bits of animal and sapient races to create such abominations as mimics, skinwalkers, werebeasts, and of course, his most infamous work, the vampire. Like their master, these creatures are infamous for their blood-thirst and underhandedness.   Rumor has it that if anyone or anything would wander into his territory that had not received permission first would be set upon by his monstrous creations. Furthermore, it was reported in layman's tales and oral histories of both Goliath and Kenku origin that Diavalo would keep captive populations of their species to be used as foodstuffs for his creations. Furthermore, it seems a consistent story within every plague of Kenku I've spoken that Diavalo was the father of their race. Not unsurprising given their tendency to propagate diseases.   It is widely accepted by all sources I've been able to find that the ruin of the city called Dunnsmouth, located in the bay directly opposite of Clockwork Empire's capitol of Simmsmout, was the cathedral of Diavalo when he still lived. This city is rumored to have once been populated once by a mix of Goliaths, Giants, Kenku and Humans. But these people were merely slaves to the Vampires and Werebeasts that truly ruled the city.   Diavalo himself was described as a shape changer. Not uncommon among the divine, but still an interesting characteristic. He apparently preferred taking the form of a young blond humanoid man with soft flowing muscles and a penchant for jewelry although some accounts described him as a multi headed monster covered in scales.   While the events of the Cataclysm remain as vague as ever despite my efforts, it seems a common assumption that Diavalo's bloodlust likely contributed to its events. In my attempts to speak to the few surviving gods who would grant me audience, once I attempted to broach the subject of Diavalo I was consistently removed by their attendants rather quickly. Even Lord Narcian refused to answer questions regarding him despite him being the one to invite me to his domain.   During my time in the Imperial vaults I was able to determine at least the Empire's version of events regarding Diavalo and the Cataclysm. According to the word of one of the King's written records, during the final hours of the Cataclysm, he and Diavalo engaged in combat. Using the divine spear Endarium he pierced Diavalo through the heart, sending him crashing into the city of Dunnsmouth where he lies to this day. Interred in a magically sealed grave.   - An excerpt from Volume 10 of Moriticia Von Kemmler's Guide to the Everwild

Divine Domains

Death, Grave, Nature, and War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A twisted band of barbed wire, a crudely drawn mark of a winged beast, the fang of a vampire, or a carved stone mask.

Tenets of Faith

Life is made whole through decadence, only the strong deserve to live, only through destruction and chaos can life be made stronger.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

When he was alive Diavalo sought domination of everything in his territory. Not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Diavalo's form varies from source to source, cult to cult, but one thing remains definite, he either appears as a gorgeous blond man with flowing hair and lavish robes, or a horrifying monster with multiple heads and monstrous claws.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Diavalo is one of the Ancient gods, having been born at the beginning of the third age. He created the kingdom of Dunsmouth, a home to the many races he sired. Born from his necrotic taint were Vampires, Werewolves, and other such malignant monsters of the night.   During the Cataclysm, it is theorized that Diavalo may have proved the ultimate antagonist who's actions caused the greatest destruction of all the gods. The kingdom he once ruled sank into the sea, with the lands surrounding it struck with a necrotic blight that continues till this day.   The last battle of the Cataclysm was when the Clockwork King struck down Diavalo, impaling him on a magical spear, and burring him beneath the waves off the coast of where Simmsmout now stands.



Sister (Important)

Towards Diavalo




Brother (Trivial)

Towards Rain




Sibling Deities are rare. Gods are considered siblings if they were born from the corpse of the same god or celestial. Rain and Diavalo are two such gods. Born of the corpse of one of the great Hierophants, Rain and Diavalo immediately took a disliking of each other. Rain was scholarly and meticulous, while Diavalo hungered for war and destruction. Diavalo would often push and abuse Rain, taking advantage of her relative weakness compared to his strength. Rain always resented the abuse her brother inflicted upon her, and dedicated herself to finding a way to slay a god so she could be rid of him.

Divine Classification
2739 6794

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