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Shacklefist, the Pirate

Captain Larg Fisher (a.k.a. Shacklefist)


While he was alive, Shacklefist raided and pillaged his way across the Western Isles and west coast of Gadash for nearly 40 years. Aboard his ship, the Mist, he struck fear into the hearts of every port and village for many miles, while words of his deeds reached as far as the South. A huge ransom was placed on his head, and as such many sell-sails and small militias set out to kill him and sink the Mist. They all failed. One of the things that caused Shacklefist to pass into seafarer's legend so fast is that on every ship he captured, sank or pillaged, he left a single survivor, minus one eye, to tell the tale. Many sang the same tune. "We were hunting the pirate, but we didn't know. We didn't know. He was a step ahead of us the whole way. His ship, it... it was so fast, I'm telling you. Unnaturally fast, and never in direct sunlight. The clouds, they shimmered around it. And then he was there, and the crew were dying, dying..."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Strong, tall, handsome. Shacklefist was an imposing sight, a force to be reckoned with.

Identifying Characteristics

Two broken shackles hang from his wrists, left over from his time in prison.

Special abilities

Whether Shacklefist himself or the mages aboard the Mist were responsible, someone aboard that ship had the ability to command the wind and the weather at the very least.

Apparel & Accessories

A white triangular hat to accompany his white vessel.

Specialized Equipment

Shacklefist was not partial to any particular weapon; but he was never seen using a bow.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Shacklefist, born Larg Fisher in a small fishing town on the west coast of Gadash, grew up around the sea. He spent most of his time with his father and uncle out on the waves, fishing to eat and sell, making a living. Many of his friends began to become trained as warriors for the clan, but Larg stayed out on the water in order to feed the village. When the pirates came, his life was turned upside down. They burned the boats, slaughtered the boys that had trained to become warriors, and enslaved the women and children. Larg was taken aboard Captain Elketch's lead ship. The pirate captain realised his fishing and knowledge of the sea early on, and took the boy to be his steward. As such, Larg was privy to many conversations between the captain and his men, as well as messengers sent from the land or other ships. During these years, he grew strong and tall, a true sailor. He also became a great orator, and managed to turn the captain's crew against him. This inspired a mutiny on board Captain Elketch's lead ship. Larg became the new captain, after tying the old to the mast and leaving him there for the crew to see. It is said Elketch lasted for 7 days and 7 nights before finally dying. He sent messages to the rest of the armada, to join his new navy, or be destroyed. Several aspiring other captains decided that if they could sink Larg, they would take charge of the group, and several tried. All were sunk swiftly and without accident.

Prison Incident

At some point, Larg was lured into a trap. His ships were sunk and he was taken prisoner in Shang, thrown into the darkest cell and shackled to the wall. His charges were numerous: piracy, murder, enslaving, theft, rape, drunkenness. Larg Fisher waited three days. On that third night, he broke his shackles. No-one knows how. He slipped out of his cell and silently killed every guard in the prison, stole the fastest ship in the harbour and set sail by himself, persuading a crew to join for battle and glory in neighbouring islands. He painted it white and set sail. Upon seeing the chains still hanging from his wrists, one new crew member stared in disbelief. And this one time, to a crew of 16, Larg told the tale. From that moment on, he went down in history as Shacklefist.


The newly-named Shacklefist decided to create an image for himself -- to set out and do what no pirate had done before him. This began by painting his entire ship a new colour: white. He christened this vessel the Mist, and set sail for foreign lands. No-one knows where he sailed; some say past the edges of the map; some suggest the most remote of the Western Isles. Wherever he sailed, one thing is certain: men of magic, wizards or mages, set up residence upon the Mist. It isn't and wasn't detailed the rituals that took place aboard those milky decks, but several patterns emerged from the testimony of those who survived their encounters with him. The ship was hard to see, always shrouded in mist or cloud. The sun never seemed to shine upon it. It was fast, faster than the wind allowed, faster than any man-made ship had the right to move. The crew were monotonous, obedient, loyal to a fault. Muntiny was never even thought of, much less attempted. The survivors of ships that encountered the Mist always went mad within the month; their minds seemed fractured by what they saw.

Personality Characteristics


Shacklefist was never afraid to get a little bloody, and charging face-first into battle was one of his favourite activities. He kept his beard trimmed but did not wash often, instead opting to let the sea be his shower. He did not dress extravagantly, nor did he look like a beggar. Shacklefist wore what was useful; what was practice. Often that meant basic cloth and padding, in battle it was mail or plate.


Family Ties

His family was killed when he was a child, so he has no ties to any king or any clan or anything out there. He only served himself.

Religious Views

No religious affiliation, although he obviously believes in the magic that surrounds his ship. Some say that this was his downfall in the end, using dark arts and shunning the gods of the sea. To spit in the face of a god, they say, is to guarantee death at their hands.

Social Aptitude

Extremely charismatic, a natural leader. It is said that his gaze could crack the toughest of men, and that prisoners could be persuaded to jump to their deaths purely by his words. Shacklefist was ruthless and brutal, however. If a man made a mistake, he had two options: die himself, or set a fellow to die in his place. Shacklefist aimed to eliminate any ties between his men, so that they would be sworn only to him, with no other allegiances. He was remarkably successful.


Shacklefist was fond of having a man brought before him, and waiting for up to ten minutes to speak, maintaining eye contact all the while. When he spoke, he could turn from thunder to rain and back again in an instant. This ensured that whoever was to speak with him paid undivided attention to what he was saying. When addressing his crew, he did not tolerate anyone else talking. If anyone so much as whispered, they could be sure that those icy eyes would lock on to theirs, likely followed by lashings.


Not prone to swearing, but quick to laugh. It was often a ruse, however; laughing signalled that the rest of the crew could laugh, putting the person he was talking to at ease, softening them up. Shacklefist was known to be an amazing conversationalist when he decided to be. He never bragged about himself, preferring to let the crew whisper of his deeds in hushed tones.

Wealth & Financial state

It's unknown exactly how wealthy Shacklefist and his crew were, but it is common knowledge that every port in the Western Isles, and even as far south as the Great Divide, was afraid that he and his ship would show up. As such, it is reasonable to assume that he had as much wealth as he would ever need.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
1103 1157 54 years old
An unknown town on the western coast of Gadash, referred to as a 'Yog'
Current Residence
Dead, but when alive he was aboard his ship, the Mist.
Icy blue, piercing
Long, white, allegedly dyed
Around 6'0"

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