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Tu'il Blade-Ear

The Fist of Seira Tu'il (a.k.a. Blade-Ear)

Brutal hobgoblin warlord famous for creating the society the hobgoblins have today.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Abnormally strong, very agile, and weak endurance

Body Features

Dark green, Large pointed ears, and many scars

Identifying Characteristics

Had a tattoo for each life he took and he was covered in them

Apparel & Accessories

Constantly wearing armor.

Specialized Equipment

Always armed even while asleep.

Mental characteristics


Trained in combat by his father who was a skilled Hobgoblin raider.


Raider Raid Leader Conqueror Warlord

Accomplishments & Achievements

Created the largest kingdom of Hobgoblin's conquering almost half of all the tribes.

Failures & Embarrassments

Was Slain by an assassin of a rival warlord by use of poison after he failed to kill the assassin in a previous battle.

Mental Trauma

Phobia of spiders

Intellectual Characteristics

Brutal, and Calculated

Morality & Philosophy

Might makes right he is the best Hobgoblin therefore he should rule all others.

Personality Characteristics


Desire to Rule all of Neidr

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely good at combat terrible at tactics

Likes & Dislikes

Loved fire

Vices & Personality flaws

Easily enraged by any sign of cowardice.


Very dirty and only bathed in blood.


Religious Views

Was a zealot of Seira and enforced a strict code of anti magic, brutality, and worship of Seira that his regime kept even after his death and his successors went on to conquer the rest of the natural flats and enforce it in his stead.

Social Aptitude

Cocky, Egotistical, and Very confident

Hobbies & Pets

Always had a pet dog that he took care of and feed the hearts of his enemies often described by his subordinates as the only thing he cared about himself. once his dog was killed by a warrior of a tribe and he demanded all be captured alive to be tortured until their minds broke and then put on rafts out to sea.


Growled before he started speaking.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Divine Warlord Fist of Seira The Purist Coward Slayer
658 A.F. 717 A.F. 59 years old
At the bottom of the Tree of Purity
Current Residence
Buried in an unmarked grave.
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Narrow Orange
Quotes & Catchphrases
When the fall to their knees begging and pleading rip out their hearts out and show them what a cowards heart looks like.
Known Languages

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