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Devil of the Mist

The devil of the mist is an enigmatic creature, bound to Adatia by the creators. Occasionally a circular stairwell would appear in the forest. In the black steps a sentence is engraved. “Join and fulfil your heart’s desire.” If anyone ascends the stairwell a thick mist will engulf them, until they emerge onto a cloud. A simple tea set is set out and, after a short discussion the devil makes its offer. He will fill the heart’s desire of whomever has joined him, but if they ever want to revert it, he will claim their soul. Many take him up on his offer, and he is true to his word, but in its fulfilment most are brought to despair, eventually offering their soul to him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The devil of the mist's corporeal form is a black mist. It lurks around its lair watching those he has given his gift. When petitioners are there the mist will mostly circle the lair, only coming closer to either whisper in the petitioners ear, or engulf him with the gift.

Special abilities

He has the ability to mold the world as he sees fit.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

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In a place where gods were never born, and far before the multiverse was even a concept there were other places. Beyond what would become the astral sea, and passed what mortals whisper of as the far realms, a place where neither chaos, order, logic nor even emotion had any meaning, there were bastions of existence. In one of these bastions the civilization of Xerak emerged. From nothing they built a future for themselves, and prospered. They conquered nothingness, mortality and doubt. Even in their seemingly limitless power, they chose to continue onto the next leg of their journey. One of them chose not to follow though. He began wandering the far realms, forgetting his name, his purpose, and his origins. In his wanderings he found a light. For the first time he felt warmth. Diving into that warmth he found the first gods nurturing the budding multiverse. He remained at the edge and slowly he began to remember. He remembered his friends, his family, his race disappear into the void, so certain of their journey. They had tried to convince him to join them, but, even though he could no longer remember what they had told him, he could not be convinced. What was the purpose for it all? Why were they here? Why were they not here? Why was he alone? Why should he not be alone?   So many questions filled him, until the gods of the multiverse created the first material planes. He watched with burning curiosity as mortal races sprang forth, filling the worlds with life… and death. He could watch them, and he could learn. With time he would learn what his brethren had known. Occasionally he would play with the mortals, and he would discover why.


The devil gains the knowledge of all the souls he absorbs. Through this he has at least a basic education in all professions, and a deep understanding of all arcane and martial arts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creation of the framework the Creators used to make Adatia.

Failures & Embarrassments

Mistaking the creators of Adatia for mere mortals he was tricked. For some reason they bound him to the plane of Adatia, forced to focus his attention to that single world.

Morality & Philosophy

Even the life of a god is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Personality Characteristics


Discover the purpose of life.

Likes & Dislikes

He loves betting with mortals. He dislikes these mortals though, and has respect for those mortals that do not take him up on his offers.



The voice of the devil is difficult to understand and sounds almost like the wind.
Divine Classification
Extra Dimensional Being
Related Myths

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