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Lamya Muot

All Hail The Revenant Queen!

Lamya Muot was the worlds first Revenant, and is currently the most wanted criminal on the planet.

Origins of the Revenant Queen

Forsaking her God and fleeing the Divine Realms, she found herself overcome with a hunger she had never known before. It gnawed at her chest rather than her stomach, an ache for something other than food. She had expended so much energy escaping back to the mortal realms, she had no inkling of the fact that she was running out of Essentia. No Knight had ever fled a God before. No Knight had been so desperate as to burn their marking from their flesh. No one knew what was going to happen to her.

Everything changed when she came upon a young woman hunting to feed her family. Lamya was suddenly overcome by a desperate need. She could almost see the Essentia in the other woman. This mortal didn't need that magic. Mortals were useless, tiny creatures. Lamya was the one who needed to survive, who needed to thrive, not this girl!

Hardly thinking, Lamya grabbed the young woman by her face, and felt herself drain the Essentia from her body. She felt suddenly energized and strong once more. Overcome with euphoria she continued to drain the woman's life force, paying no mind to her screaming and thrashing. She was surprised when she pulled back to see a black handprint on the woman's face. In fact the woman was still standing, despite the fact that she sensed no further Essentia in her body. She should have been dead on the ground, but there she was, staring blankly into the middle distance.


Feeling oddly sated, Lamya fled, leaving the Husk and a world forever changed in her wake. In the years that followed, Lamya found that using the divine magic she had been gifted in exchange for her soul made her weak and weary. Draining mortals made her feel whole again. She knew she had only one course of action. Over thousands of years, she has continually fed and turned mortals to Husks. It is because of her that the Hunters, dedicated to eradicating the threat of Revenants, even exist. In modern times, she continues to evade capture. No one knows where she is hiding, and none have seen her in recent years. But her distinctive Husks, always decorated with obsidian jewelry, and a veritable army by now, are still sent en masse to drain mortals in her stead. It is unclear if she will ever be caught and brought to justice for her thousands of murders.

Unsettling Rumors

Rumors have spread in recent years that Lamya is the guiding force behind the recent, highly organized attacks by Revenants. This group, claiming to worship a true Goddess in mortal flesh, has been a dire threat; they destroy temples and kill all within and any who stand in their way. Revenants have never worked together as a group before... If Lamya is truly so charismatic to lead them... What might become of the mortals of Tarin?

Physical Description

Body Features

Olive skinned, lean but all muscle. She may look like a breeze can blow her over, but she could easily snap an arm in half even now.

Facial Features

A gaunt face and wild eyes staring out from under pale hair.

Identifying Characteristics

Demon Eyes; the eyes of the Dark God. Was she a Vessel once?

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Centuries of isolation have left Lamya psychotic and with little regard for other Esseni.

Personality Characteristics


Survival. She will do anything to ensure her continued survival and freedom from her God.


Religious Views

She feels the Gods have betrayed and abandoned her. She would do anything to disgrace them and to turn others against their teachings.


On the rare occasions that she speaks, Lamya's accent and word choice is utterly archaic. She was taken as a Knight so long ago she hardly remembers how many years have passed. Living on the edges of society also makes it hard to keep up with modern speech.

She is vulgar in her word choice, the words sounding almost proper in her rough, deep tone.
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
Right: Bright yellow
Left: Deep red
Pale lavender, always jaggedly cut.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Archaic Crenian, Limited knowledge of modern Common.
Ruled Locations


A sentient and sapient bipedal species. Equivalent to humans. Possess the ability to do magic.
Aka Divine Knight, an esseni who has made a deal with a God in exchange for a miracle. Now has control over Divine magic, and a semi-immortal life, but the God holds their soul.
A Knight that has broken their oaths and connection to their God. They retain divine magic, and regain their soul but at a cost. To continue to survive, they need to drain other mortals of their Essentia; their life force
.   Vessel
Aka Divine Vessel. Mortals born with Celestial magic and the mark of one of six Gods. Vessels act as the voice of their God on the planet, and are attended by Knights.
Mortals devoted to the Goddess of the Hunt. Trained by Knights in order to hunt down and eliminate the threat of Revenants. Also act as general peace keepers. Highly respected.

  Celestial Magic
Golden magic used by the creator of the world. Highly toxic to esseni and all organic life. Used only by the four Elder Gods and their Vessels. Control is based on conscious and subconscious desires and intent.
Silver Divine magic. The basic building block of esseni and all other life on the planet. The lifeforce of esseni, and the energy that Revenants steal. Will break down organic material back into more essentia if exposure occurs. Controlled by the Gods, Vessels, and some Knights.

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