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Herbert the Herbalist

You'll find him where you find everything else: somewhere!

"That man is crazy, I tell you! Crazy! I saw him fell a wolf and cut its heart out just to weigh it! He's crazy!"
- A concerned citizen
  Known as a man of nature, you can find Herbert almost always digging some plant up, tasting it, and grinding it into a paste to add to his collection of notes, now published as Herbert's Guide to Healing Herbs and changing the world with its ways of how to safely use different herbs found in the world.  

Herbs, Herbalism, Hermeticism

A self-made man of magicks and mysterium, Herbert toils daily at working through the Warding Wood, finding many a use for plants that he might have first encountered decades before. As a known practitioner of Druidic magicks, Herbert finds his affinity with nature quite easily and uses it to his advantage, accumulating a small grouping of animals that aid him however they can, and in return for their help, he feeds them and loves them.   As one who keeps to himself, Herbert can be seen as quite a brusque individual, leaving people to their own devices while he wanders off into a forest for weeks on end. However, rumours do drift around of him supposedly perverting the natural world, causing dark energy to flow through the natural realm and wreak havoc.  

Natural Havoc

Though the rumours of Herbert's perversion of the natural order have never been substantiated, some people claim to have witnessed him performing dark rituals in the dead of night in areas of the Warding Wood. Some have even said that when witnessing these rituals, Herbert took on a darkened form, his eyes turning pitch black and his skin taking on a sickly pale sheen. One hunter swears he was chased by wolves commanded by Herbert through the Warding Wood until he ran all the way home.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Long, white, bushy

Character Portrait image: Jhaane, the elderly Gnome herbalist by Kim van Deun


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10 Jul, 2018 13:41

Very nice, to the point article. Great use of the prompt, and a solid character. I'd have liked a second quote later on to contrast the opening, something about some good he did.

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10 Jul, 2018 13:43

I did consider that, though the most good he's done is through the writing of Herbert's Guide to Healing Herbs and I didn't feel like that would make a good quote.

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Quite an interesting man, this Herbert. I'm not sure if I'd love or hate to meet him. Nice article!

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Good! Uncertainty makes him thrive!

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I am certain this is your history changing hero. such a nice and efficiently heart weight measuring guy

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Hero....villain...who knows...

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Am I the only one who gets some weird reverse-Gandalf vibes here, where the hobbit is the awesome weird wizard? I think it must be the pipe :)   Is he a halfling or just.. Short?

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He's a Gnome !:D

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Oh, even better!

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