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Robertii Judas Mandrewii

Emperor Robertii Judas Mandrewii (a.k.a. Keeper of the Slush Fund)

I couldn't give a fig for the Legions. They are still the most highly paid profession in the land, if they need more tell them they must improvise. I am done funding their silly endeavours
— Emperor Mandrewii
  Emperor Mandrewii reigned in the years 3564-3591, and is remembered as a despicable person who bled the Exercitum Imperatoria dry of resources. The son of an influential Senator he was initially passed over for service in the Legion having been deigned to possess a selfish aggressive temperment not in keeping with the Legion. This would have a profound impact on his personality and he would begin to harbour a resentment to the Legions having been scorned by them.   His election to Emperor was on a pledge of making the Legion into a more efficient and impressive organisation and giving them the tools they need to maintain the peace. In the first few years of his reign he toured the Imperial Provinces giving speeches on how much the brave Legions did for the world but also in a move that should have raised questions placed farmers and civilians on an equal footing saying they all struggled together for a common goal.   After a while he began to reduce the funding for the legions and reduce the pension payment, saying the funds were needed elsewhere, there was an ongoing grain shortage and so the Legion mindful of having to do their part accepted the cuts. It became apparent quite quickly that the funds were not reaching grain farmers or providing any benefit. The Legions began to question this through their Legatus and the Senate demanding an explanation of where the funds had been going, it took over six months for the Senate to order an investigation. The Legion became painfully aware in this period how sidelined they were becoming.   During this time, the general standard of living in the Legion and civilian population declined rapidly. This lead to the formation of the Collegia of Veterans who started initially benevolently to try and get the Legion the food and equipment they desperately needed. Secondly it led to a famous painting being drawn (cover image) of Emperor Mandrewii fiddling while Lindum burned. This painting was to draw attention to the fact the Empire was crumbling and Mandrewii did not care.   In a last ditch effort to maintain control of the situation Mandrewii attempted to dissolve the Senate and consolidate his power with some sweeping reforms. However thanks to an ancient law brought about by the first Emperors if all 20 Legatus of the Legion cast a vote of no confidence they may depose the Emperor, Mandrewii was removed from office and then had his head removed from his body.   It was found that he had been keeping all the extra coin in a separate fund marked "Slush".
Blue with flects of grey
Long black hair pulled up into a man-bun


Author's Notes

Thank you to Mandrew for lending his likeness.

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12 Jul, 2018 17:55

The jump to the legion starting to foment unrest in the third paragraph seem like an unusually rapid escalation, makes me wonder if the Legions are (as they eventually were in Rome) comfortable playing king-makers. Is that the case?   Other then that, I like it. You could probably fill out some of the beats and details, but the notorious villain being a sneaky money-launderer (and emperor at that) is really funny to me. I like it! :D

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Thank you for that, in hindsight yes you were right, i've edited the language.

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That reads better, like a process then a sudden and quick snap. :)

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