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4 Jul, 2018 23:10

That was fun to read! I love seeing the way that people weave standard D&D entities in with their own worldbuilding. I really like how you used the sidebar, and all of the art you included.

4 Jul, 2018 23:19

Thank you very much!

5 Jul, 2018 01:12

Wow, amazing article! There's a ton of info here! Obviously this is based on some bit of DnD? Unfortunately, I don't know it well enough to give you a proper comment on that front. However, I will say that I love how illustrated it is, and the descriptions of all her enemies was interesting. Like how she's derisive of some of them, but if you show enough of a threat... That was really good.
Good job!

5 Jul, 2018 01:15

Oh man, going full Lolth? Well, Yochlol's blessing upon thee, be ye sanctified by vile tentacles sprouting from your body and smiting thine foes.   This article is very thorough and makes excellent use of the plethora of artwork available for this popular D&D deity. I can't say I have much more to offer by way of review other than the all-time favorite nitpick of the sidebar not matching the main content. Since you even have a full gallery of what I assume to be completely innocent Lolth pics that are in no suspicious folder on your computer at all, I would suggest just adding some of those to the bottom of the sidebar, each perhaps with a quote or descriptive tag adding some mundane lore or flavor to the article.   I must say that this article feels very out-of-the-book, if you catch my meaning, which leaves me a little bit parched to be honest; I crave high levels of originality, but you do save it with the entertaining entourage of artists. Still, something like a multi-paragraph original in-world tale of Lolth that ties more into the intricacies of your setting would have been sweet. But that would seem tacked on now, seeing how your article appears quite complete to the outside observer.

5 Jul, 2018 16:28

I appreciate the constructive criticism, and agree. Unfortunately I do have a lot of world lore written in for her...unfortunately most of it is written in current plots which I cannot make public. If you become a subscriber/follower of my world, you'll gain access to all the private articles which help to shed more light on this. I do agree that this is very out-of-the-book. This article was one of the first articles I created on World Anvil, and hadn't quite developed my 'style' as it were. At some point, I will more than likely go back and edit. Thanks for the comment!

5 Jul, 2018 18:25

Alright, well keep up the good work ^-^ This is still a great lore article for potential roleplayers that use your setting!