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Geneve (a.k.a. Croner)

Geneve is the primary villain of the piece. She begins as the head attendant to Ira and then Mae, but she wants to become unwritten and bring about the end of Oraland. It is her interest to gaslight Ira into believing that he is unwritten, thus setting up the final battle before sweeping him aside.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

slender and delicate, though graceful and well-trained

Body Features

light brown skin, a scar on her left elbow from the Secret Police attack

Special abilities

manipulate reality due to her powers as a liar

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Geneve attended the Academy and participated in a radical underground journalist group while there. Their group was raided by the Secret Police, headed by Merrill. Disgraced, the Academy thought to teach her a lesson by placing her at the High Court, where she could learn of the true majesty of the Oras. Still bitter, she pretended instead to reform and fawn over the famous, all the while looking for a way to undermine their power. She was as taken aback as Ira himself when she initially learned that he was not actually meant to be The Promised One. All her hard work observing him, wasted.




The Academy, unfinished, Acolyte Training, finished


Head Attendant to The Promised One at the High Court

Failures & Embarrassments

Getting kicked out of the Academy

Intellectual Characteristics

intelligent, manipulative, angry, restless, selfless, justice-minded

Morality & Philosophy

Tear it down. These people need to be reminded that their names and their powers won't last forever, and while they build a glittering empire the rest of us live and die in obscurity.

Personality Characteristics


Wants to be the one who brings about the end of Oraland


Religious Views

She pretends to be an acolyte of Favour, as her parents were, but she is actually highly skeptical of the devotion. She realises that humans are really the ones who control Favour, whoever gave them the gifts.
Year of Birth
wide, unusually pale brown eyes
plaited down her back and hidden under her veil
115 lbs
Aligned Organization

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