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Brother Emmit Yain Cane

Cane The Eyeless (a.k.a. Shadow Man)

Brother Emmit Cane Moved to Saltian Village in the south-west of Arkala when he was very young from the continent of Eurithia. Growing up he was a social outcast and had no friends except his family. This changed when he burnt down his school, killing 126 and one of his sisters and also burnt his skin losing his eyes. This caused his family to disown him and he became the scum of the streets before being taken in by the Followers of Tiamat.   He Changed the world by summoning Tiamat, Queen of Dragons and her army. Who was defeated by the Golden Fox Rebellion and the group known as the "Passive Aggressives"

Divine Domains

Belonging to Tiamat, The Queen of Dragons and the Goddess of War

Holy Books & Codes

The Word of Tiamat - Secret brainwashing for the masses

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A crest of a five-headed dragon colored, Red, Black, White, Blue and Green.

Tenets of Faith

The Devout Rule All Shalt burn in the fires of Tiamat

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Burn or enslave the material world

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Blood red Cloak and hood, with dark leather underclothes. His face is not visible for a steel mask and yellow glass eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Grew up on the content of Arkala as one of the first settlers to land there with his two parents and his two sisters. He grew up in a normal life and went to school like a normal child, that all changed when an embarrassment at school caused him to burn it down. Killing his sister and many students.


Biased religious education under the Followers of Tiamat and a regular lower school education which allows him to perform most spells which require reading.

Mental Trauma

Holmes Head Fire In this fire, Cane lost the skin on his face and later had to have his eyes removed. Feeling like an outcast he found sanctity in the Cult of Tiamat, Magically heightening his senses and rising to the top.   Once at the top the cult changed forever, Emmit cane wanted everyone to be like him so many eyes were removed.


Contacts & Relations

Three devout followers that are trained in martial combat and the arcane ways. These include Dasha Stormblight, Zemo Stormblight, and Jermof Blou.

Family Ties

His name was in his parent's will and has a large winery in the north of Eurithia

Hobbies & Pets

Brainwashing people into following the Goddess Tiamat
Divine Classification
Worshiper of Tiamat, The Queen of Dragons
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Ex-head of the Cult of Tiamat
43 AGW 243 AGW 200 years old
Born in Eurithia, A continent larger than Arkala that Is made up of mostly deserts and wastelands.
Current Residence
Yellow, Wide
Bald, Metal Mask, Cloak

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