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Acosa Sicain

Elder Lord, Eternal Listener Acosa Sicain

Suffer not the tyrant gods, for the Eternal Ones protect.
  An ancient being of incredible power and charisma, Acosa Sicain is widely credited as the founder of the Gateway, and the final catalyst for the Fall of Rhaspor. Born during the deliverance of the Gift in the prehistoric cities of humanity, he stands as one of only two hundred who survived the initial explosive spread of the Naliscintillum, and out of those, one of a lone handful who were gifted by it. In desperation he turned to the Elder Ones, who removed his senescence, rendering him functionally immortal.   Up until 2863, he was the Lord of the Gateway, the island chain home to the remnants of humanity and sanctuary to those who worship the Elder Ones and forsake the First Gods. In 2813, it was his machinations that directed the Gateway to execute a series of attacks and propogandized actions throughout the rest of Hylos, sowing the seeds for the rise of smaller cults throughout Altemos, Junqia, and Nistal. He was widely considered the most dangerous enemy of Order until his willing death at the hands of Silena Rhaspor in 2863.   Still a figurehead of the Gateway to this day, his martyrdom only served to cement his infamy, and he remains a hero of the Gateway to this day.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Age of Madness in a long-forgotten human city in the deep jungle depths of Junqia, Acosa was subjected to the pain of loss at a young age. As the Gift of Nalis swept across Altemos and Junqia, transforming the Old Fey into the vastly superior modern Feylasi, humanity reacted poorly, dying by the thousands in horrific, magical ways. No organic being was safe as the Naliscintillum swept through the world like wildfire, changing all in its path.   In what could only be considered either a blessing or a curse, young Acosa was one of only hundreds barely subjected to the touch of Nalis. Instead of melting into a screaming mass of Elemantic and Psiantic energies, Sicain instead found himself fortified by the goddess. But witnessing the near-extinction of his entire species turned him from the path of Order, and he sought out darker forces to pay tribute to.   Nearly a decade after the initial fall of humanity, his efforts were rewarded. The great Elder One Ra'Kep tool great interest in Sicain. Exhibiting a startling capacity for negotiation, Ra'Kep devoured Sicain's senescence and gifted him power over the Primordial Chaos, in exchange for his eternal service.   The newly branded, newly immortalized Prophet of Ra'Kep and the few other remaining humans migrated across the expansive archipelago to the east until they reached a massive island, nearly half the size of Junqia. Over the next thirty years, using Acosa's unique talents and rituals invoking the power of the Elder Ones, they would establish a massive subterranean network of tunnels and caverns, coastal fortresses, and a single city above ground. A secret nation, they veiled it from outside eyes, and set about creating new lives for themselves and plotting against the gods that had forsaken them.
Divine Classification
Prophet of Ra'Kep
102 EM 2863 EM
Circumstances of Death
Sacrificed by Silena Rhaspor
Ancient Junqia
Current Residence
The Prophet's Tomb, the Gateway
Metallic red, flecked with gold
Short cropped black curls
2.1 m


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