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The most hated mage of his generation

Zivier the False One (a.k.a. The Legendary Betrayer)

Zivier had the potential to be everything the Archmage Vyliar'faeien became. Had he stayed on the right path, perhaps the war may have ended generations sooner. He had an indisputable brilliance that brought him to that court seat in Avon. He could have lessened the lives lost. Alleviated the damage upon the continent's lands and remaining civilizations. Instead, he fell through hubris and envy. Betrayed his king and kingdom. Tore down friendships and loyalties. Empowered the Scourge, which his countrymen had given life and love to combat and destroy. Turned his backs to the goddess who made him her champion...Zivier devolved into one of the most-hated figures of Varian history, and the world lost much for it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zivier was purportedly born in the ancient kingdom of Avon to an unnamed, common family during the War of the Scourge. In his youth, he exhibited impressive magical potential that led to his recruitment into the shrinking sect of mages in service to Avon. His swift progress through his magical studies garnered the attention of the incumbent court mage, Shyran Akeziel, and led to an apprenticeship under her. Even as a student, Zivier exhibited a political savvy that secured him a place in the Avonian court under King Avalon. He eventually capitalized on this position to become Akeziel's successor as the court mage.

At the height of his career, Zivier acted as King Avalon's supreme consultant on matters of the kingdom associated with magic, which, with the prevalence of the Scourge, tended towards most. During his tenure, Zivier also met a mage known as the Vyliar'faeien whose exhibited prowess also caught the attention of the legendary king. He developed a close friendship with this growing rival that bloomed into a collaborative partnership. Zivier worked with his fellow mages to protect Avon from the Scourge, developing techniques during a time when magical progress had all but ceased. He also helped the Vyliar'faeien maneuver the politics of Avonian court, at least initially; where Zivier became King Avalon's right-hand mage, the Vyliar'faeien thus became the king's left.

However, when the notion of the Varian Coalition reached Avon, Zivier led the camp staunchly against the kingdom having any involvement with the alliance, citing the vulnerabilities it would open in Avon's defenses. Meanwhile, the Vyliar'faeien spearheaded the initiative in the Avonian Court and had accumulated enough favor with Avalon for the king to sponsor the Varian Coalition's creation. Around this time, Zivier found himself supplanted by the Vyliar'faeien as the court mage, though he still maintained a place in court through years of service and his status as the Chosen of Aizur, the latter furthering his parallel to the Vyliar'faeien's place as the Chosen of Faenorias.

Scholars presumed that Zivier initiated his betrayal following his demotion. He more than likely continued his collaboration with the Vyliar'faeien while feeding information on the Varian Coalition to the intelligent forces among the Scourge, such as the notorious Dread Knight. Some time in the latter half of the war, Zivier masterminded an attack on Avon's ancient capital of Saron. He supposedly lowered the defenses and opened portals into the capital that allowed waves of the Scourge to flood the stronghold city. The Guardians of Avalon, notably the Archmage Vyliar'faeien, the Archdruid Olivar, and the Archcleric Bergam, met the attempt head-on and foiled Zivier's efforts to overrun the city with the Scourge. This public act of betrayal became Zivier's first and last, for his former peers executed him during the conflict.

The damage conducted upon Saron had lasting effects. The kingdom of Avon was forced to relocate the city's populace entirely—including the Varian Coalition's main headquarters. The lives lost, and the damage dealt to the Vyliar'faeien's research indubitably extended the War of the Scourge for years. News of Zivier's actions spread by the word of King Avalon and his Guardians, though the Vyliar'faeien destroyed his body for unknown reasons. After his death, Zivier's legacy and his line continued to live on in great infamy.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The False One
The Legendary Betrayer
Court Mage of Avon (demoted)
Lord of the Avonian Court (revoked)
Guardian of Avalon (revoked)
The Kingdom of Avon
Aligned Organization

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