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The Great Ascendant Nefili the First of the Old Line

The oldest and most powerful of The Masters, Nefili has commanded the race since their very beginning.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Despite being the oldest Master, due to their near biological immortality, Nefili looks like any other Master.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to his extremely old age, very little of his past is known. Most of the information about him come from the Drakynfly hive mind's memory of their past as prisoners in Oblivion City. He was born many thousand of years before The Masters arrived on Mala, and has always been their leader, as much as they have one. He was the head of the reforming of the planet, and the genetic blueprints for the Drakynfly and Feirie were primarily created by him. Later, he oversaw the construction of the Ice Rings, and the Bridges.

Accomplishments & Achievements

According to the Drakynfly, Nefili was the very first Master, the one who first discovered how to self-mutate, and the first to have the complete control over his body, that is now natural to The Masters. The predecessors of the Masters', the species to which Nefili truly belongs, in unknown.

Personality Characteristics


Nefili cares little for the moment, his age has torn from him all care for the temporary, and his every action furthers his plans for the future of his race. He sees himself as the Father of The Masters, and of the Feirie, and the Drakynfly also, and will take any action for the good of their races, as he sees it.
Current Location
Year of Birth
8500 BA 11608 Years old
Second Giver
Known Languages
The Masters' Tongue, Feirie, Fairen, Giant, English, and numerous others.

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