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The two villains that changed history

There are two people villains that changed the world greatly one is Surtr. Surtr is afire giant he was massive big and great ate fighting. But one bay he was bored in the land of fire and ash that he decided to concer the for worlds with his shorter fire giant friends. They prepared for a massive battle but in that time a spy found out and told the king of the land. The king of fire and ash had a meeting with the other three leaders of the other three great lands and asked for assistance in this great battle so they could kill Surtr they agreed and had tons of solders ready for there biggest battle of there lives. Surtr came out first to strike the archers and spear men shot them with all there might but that wasn't enough to kill Surtr. He ran up to close combat but then a chorcal arrow and sword struck Surtr brown then all of a sudden his friends came out and were astounded that some humans killed the friend they surrendered. But the four massive country's stayed together united forever.   The second one was Vezon the mind flare he lived in a hut on the land of beasts he was finding exotic animals and keeped them then they vanished. The government was worried about the animals they whent to his hut Vezon said he bidn't know what was happening either the government checked his house and found nothing they left. The next day to experts came to the house and found nothing.the day after that two special experts came and found a secret hatch Vezon claimed he didn't it was there. The two special experts whent down to find bead animals and vials of brains on the sides. Two days later a meting was held and he was proven guilty and all his species where forced into hiding.

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