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The Immortal Empress Thava

Immortal Empress Thava (a.k.a. The Divine of Death, the Lich Queen, the Eternal Sovereign, Souleater)

"The world united to overthrow Thava, the only other instance of such unity recorded is the rebellion against mind-eating monsters from the stars." -Kira Grendrottir, author of The Death of Peace

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the third princess of the last royal family to rule the Heccohan Empire. Thava would later obliterate all knowledge of her birth family and hunt down anyone who shared blood with her. Thava became the heir apparent after having her other siblings assassinated as per royal custom in Heccohan. Soon after she murdered parents to assume the throne and immediately began a conquest of the continent starting with her empire's neighbors and long-time allies. Thava dominated the northwestern region of the continent for thirty years before her own assassination staged by rival nations to protect themselves. Unfortunately, this played into her hands, being an accomplished wizard she had setup contingencies in place to resurrect herself as a lich in the event of her untimely death. So began the reign of the Immortal Empress Thava.


Kept many consorts of all genders before her first death.


Quickly showed aptitude in subterfuge, tactics, and magic by assassinating most of her family by the time she turned 21.


Heir to the throne of Heccohan Empire. Empress of the Heccohan Empire. General-Queen of the Military. Headmistress of the Thavan Arcane School. Immortal Empress of the Ashen Kingdom.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Conquered all of the Blooming Continent by her 250th birthday. Undefeated on the battlefield. First recorded use of lichdom in history.

Failures & Embarrassments

The Burning of Aethea. The Unyielding Siege. The Verdant Contagion. The Grand Revolution that finally overthrew Thava.

Mental Trauma

Megalomaniac. Psychopath. Paranoia.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical and direct

Morality & Philosophy

Utterly depraved and ruthless in her quest to rule the world.


Soul-tearing magic to fuel her lichdom.
1342 AE 1697 AE 355 years old
White like spider's silk
120 lbs

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