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Ghm Salhiñ

Ghm Slhiñ was a Sohles Drake of minor rank of the Hitm empire. She was a minor queen of a small province in what is now Sohdmoh. She had not much to her title, her harem and her sister's harems barley keeping themselves in power. The spend so much effort to keep the land fertile they were more akin to farmers than ladies of the court. Within their territory was a small Humi village. They were nothing special, but they had an overabundance of sheep and cattle they did not eat. As they were living on Ghm's land, she saw fit to take what she pleased from them. She would come down from her nest up on the mountain overlooking the village and take their sheep. They had asked her to stop, something they had no right to do so she ignored them. They grew resentful, and send their strongest warrior to demand that Ghm stop stealing from them.
  She met with the warrior and swiftly ended his life. Angered, she came down the the village with her harem to set things straight. The humi cowered in their homes, their officials not even coming out to meet with her. She burned down a few of their homes, forcing them out. She demanded that they repay her for the loss of their homes, her homes of her territory. They cowered before her, doing as she said. Then it struck her. She would not need to take the sheep from these lowly creatures, they would bring it to her in her nest. She decreed that all humi within her territory must pay fealty, to bring her ten sheep from their village to her nest once every other week to feed her and her harem.
  But why stop there. The humi were more intelligent than all other creatures, save for the drake themselves. They could do more than bring her food, the could perform the tasks she had the females of her harem perform, freeing them to act more within the political court with the other drake. They were mighty fine workers, and soon she had the entire village as her and her harems servants.
  Upon her reentry to the world of drake with means, others took sight of the sudden transformation. They too wished to have these tiny squatters of their lands put to use. Others did not see exactly how Ghm had treated her servants. They forced them to perform past their ability, killing many humi from overwork and starvation. But after a generation of humi, they learned how to keep their servants, slaves, alive.
  The humi could do nothing to stop their new tyrannical overloads. They were weak, even in numbers no match for a single drake let alone an entire harem. They had no say in their lives, they were forced to work to live. Many tried to escape, but the drake would quickly hunt them down and, if the drake was feeling generous, only bring them back and not eat them. Drake had fed on humi before, but humi were not the largest and would not feed a drake that well. But the farms the humi tended, the fatty meat filled creatures they had raised to feed themselves was taken by their new masters.
  The humi were disposable to the masters, if they did not work they were beaten or eaten. They lived hollow lives, kept alive just to the next day to work and work and work. Ghm, the genesis of their horrible lives was vilinized. The enslaved humi of drake lands hated Ghm more than their own masters. It was her who began this, her who set the world into turmoil.
  The humi to the north, their empire and power rivaling the drake slavers to the south, had seen the terrible fate of their distant relatives. After ten generations of drake having humi as slaves, enough was enough. Thus began the Great Drake Humi War. Millions of lives were lost over 137 years, all originating from Ghm's terrible idea.


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