Introduction to Kald

Pure fantasy

  Kald is an expression of pure fantasy. There will be plenty of similarities between our world and Kald, but for the most part things are different there than here. Culture, views and ideals, and the nature of the world itself abide by different rules than our own.   Because Kald is so different cultures and the technological level of Kald are extravagant and disparate. Because anyone can learn and use telepathy, you have to build your own mental wall or have items that defend or break through others walls. Fire doesn’t always burn, and can be used for various purposes such as generating a stronger smell of your food to attract potential customers.   Kald is also host to many strange creatures, intelligent and unintelligent. Some are similar such as the humi and drake and some are more alien as the Muzoval or Vshawen . Their interactions with each other and the world have made it a turbulent place, but at the same time is filled with understanding and (for lack of a better word) humanity.  

Brief overview


Divergent Nature

Everything and everyone are made of the bases of existence, Reln. There are a total of 8 reln, 2 Aoreln and 6 Nureln, each being seperate building blocks of life and the world. It is their interaction with each other and themselves that gives the world shape. Life itself is a harmonious combination of all the Reln into one object.
This is not to say life doesn’t have an imbalance of reln, on the contrary each species, subspecies, and even each being themselves have more of one reln than another. Because of this imbalance every living thing has control of one reln more than another. Fish swim because they have more nep, birds fly because they have more wox, and drake breathe fire because of mur. Each person has their own personal imbalance too, manifesting in a personal talent such as being able to cook like no other, conjure balls of flame with ease, and suppress their fear to face anything. Personal control of a reln is dubbed Ghoa.



The civilized world is a mass of land, and is so large that the inhabitants have divided the land into Ezivald. These lands were only named due to the major distinctions between the lands. The majority of Hasehak is grassland while Sornata is covered in the ancient city. This is not to say that they are single biome regions, but as the denizens distinctions of one mass area to another (south america has more jungle than europe does, and australia has more dry wastelend than east-asia). Yassa Fossa is not the only land with desert, Whidyr is not the only one with jungles, and Isazol is not the only one covered in ice.

  There are plenty of nations and people that fight each other under the banner of a single Ezivald. Species fight other species and even same species fight each other. Despite eternal conflict, many species co-exist peacefully with each other. Creatures are united through ideals in addition to their natures.  

  Several life forms have evolved enough to be considered “sophont” and other intelligent enough to communicate with other species. To provide distinctions between the different levels of intelligence of the world, a Division of intelligence was introduced by the higher beings. There aren’t that many creatures that have ascended to Rela or Sophonts, them being: Humi, Vshawen, Vinsel, Tsohtsi, Gheforis, Isynx, Solumkerd, Muzoval, Roqbherg, Ayabba’aru, and the Drake.

  Life is not bound by species either. With enough love between creatures new life can be germinated. This new life form is usually unhealthy from birth, having extreme deformities to where most are stillborn. Those who live beyond the first days often die either a few weeks later or within a few years with lives in chronic pain.

Genesis & Purpose

  This world has been growing in my head as far back as I can remember. Originally it was an amalgamation of all the fantasy worlds I experienced as a child, coming from TV, books, and other media. Over the years it became less of what others created and more of what I had.   Around 2015 I decided to start writing my world down. So I wrote many notes on what I felt like writing, only really being able to be understood by myself. Then around late 2016/ early 2017 I started to write short stories. I never had any plans with my world, not to create the stories or for anything else (still don’t). I have this world in my head for fun and nothing more. I plan to never stop expanding it, and hopefully to write down what is in my head for others to experience.  


If I were to give it a genre, it would be fantasy with heavy amounts of magic. Though it’s less of magic (being mysterious and/or supernatural) and more of how the world itself works, or the physics of it.

What’s There
There is a lot in the world, most of it I have yet to write down. I will constantly be adding new articles, adding to old articles, and fixing up old articles. If there’s an article or idea that seems lacking or ill explained, rest assured that there is plenty to it and that I will revisit it to flesh out what’s written.


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