Thaul, also known as the Gulch in Panes, is a prosperous city located on the mouth of the Siak River when it drains into the Rot Saegri. It gained the name "Gulch in Panes" to represent its two defining features. The first, Gulch, refers to the pit of trade. The second, panes, refers to the natural phenomena that only happens in the part of at Thaul.
  Thaul's Shipyard, sea, sky, and land, are huge. They allow for over a thousand large vessels each. Though their naval shipyard is the largest of the three. The city dug out portions of the land to allow for a larger border with the water and place islands just off the cost to make more docking areas.    


  The city is built on the north riverbank of the Siak and against the Rot Saegri.
  The main tourist attraction, aside from the huge amount of trade that flows through the city, are the glass panes of their waters. Globs of a glassy substance grow in the calmer waters to either side of where the mouth of the Siak rushes into the Rot Saegri. The substance solidifies on a central line and falls, dragging more of the substance down to solidify as well. This creates a vertical pane of glass in the water, its edges alight with rainbows in the light of midday. After the pane falls deep enough, it melts and floats back to the surface in bubbles only to repeat the process over and over again.  

Government & People

  The capital of Driv, its nyezcom, or city governor/mayor/representative, is Phora Dvakk Daughter of Soka. Phora Dvakk is queen of a colony of Vshawen who live in Thaul, making a sizable portion of the city's population. Though the most populous species are the drake.
  Rather than having her colony solely farm and take care of their young, Phora Dvakk has a large portion of her Phor act as a policing force. They are issued to only act on matters having to do with trade, dismantling any illegal trading operations. She does this to try and scrub the seedy underbelly of the city, but with little affect. All other members, all non vshawen, of the policing force also act as their military. This force is the city's Kera, them protecting their people from both outsiders and themselves.   Because of all the trading, the city's wealth from tariffs has it so the citizens have little tax yet still live in luxury. Because of the amazing quality of life, Phora Dvakk is the third generation of her colony to be elected Ezcom. Though some believe it is because of her already immense power that she is elected term after term.  

Rela Demographics

20% Drake
18% Vshawen
16% Humi
11% Ayabba’aru
9% Vinsel
8% Muzoval
6% Solumkerd
4% Tsohtsi
4% Roqbherg
3% Isynx
1% Gheforis


If you are unable to find what you want when you get there, wait a day and it will pass through.
  Thaul is one point that many trade routes share. It is halfway down the Rot Saegri and only slightly south of where it begins to open up. It's also at the base of the Siak river which connects the Rot Saegri and the Republic of Kexist. Thaul is rarely a destination for trades, but a common port many routs use. That means there is a lot of goods coming in and out of Thaul, each good tariffed by the city.
  Because so much is moved through Thaul, there is a large black market there too. Flesh trading, organ harvesting, hired assassins, dangerous or illegal substances, you name it, it's there. The same saying about finding anything if you wait a day or two also applies to the black market, despite the government's efforts.

Alternative Name(s)
Gulch in Panes
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization


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