Anatomy & Morphology

  A fungus that takes over the body and intelligence of its host whether they were alive when infected or dead.

Because they adopt the intelligence of their host they have taken over both rela and oql (see Creatures ) thus they are considered rela.

They form around the shape of the organism and use their muscles to move.  


Dietary Needs and Patterns

The do not consume their host, but control it to obtain outside nutrients as its host would have in life. In addition to the intake of gotten bodies, they also consume most of the filth they collect on their bodies.

They first target the lungs to prolong the host's body, trying to stave off their eventual consumption of the entire body (this also helps speed the process of their take over, traveling through the blood to stop the liver and take the brain). Once the host is completely consumed, they are unable to move and starve to death. Interestingly, they can not latch onto another host after their original infection.

Mating Rituals & Family

Gheforis grow bulbs, caps, and shelves that hold spores in them. When re-producing, the parent spews spores onto the child's host’s face for them to inhale.

While they can and do reproduce asexualy, they can share their traits to reproduce sexualy. There is no technical limit to how many may participate to the creation of their offspring.

As the host dies within a week of being infected, their brain being overtaken, the gheforis usually try to stay away from civilization due to their host beginning to rot. After they gain enough of their host to stop the rotting, they rejoin society. This, however, is only true for oql and rela Gheforis, Nel repel most other beings with the stench of rotting, attracting scavengers to be its prey.

Original Ecology & Habitat

They originate from deep within jungles and cities where the number of possible hosts are quite high. They can survive in nearly any environment, as long as there is life there to pass on their genes. Most of areas of inhabitants have gheforis of rela or oql intelligence. But in rural areas where they have yet to be exterminated, dangerous nel geforce roam.


Bathing: While not doing it to cleanse themselves, they eat whatever filth they acquire on their body.



Many have agreed upon killing any nel or disobedient gheforis in fear of them consuming entire settlements. Reluctantly, oql and rela gefois agreed to this. Their morality and fear of losing themselves or their family outweighed the unwanted killing of their kin.
They now only take over deceased creatures since the Lovoonal Rr Rela.


Their major Reln is Kag.
Average Lifespan
10-? (oldest Gheforis is over ten thousand years and has not died)

They grow to be the size of their host





Growths on plates are typical “Mushrooms”  




Have many tiny stems coming out of a base plate that grows on the skin of the being
Each stem has a slightly larger tip making a fuzzy bulb




Have curved plates facing upward that com out of the plate they grow on the skin of the being
These plates can vary in size but a substantially larger than the Yuh stems


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