Sohpes Species in Kald | World Anvil


Devourers to desert, they eat anything in their path, including the ground itself, leaving behind nothing but sand. They travel in troups of over 100 with the largest of them, their leader, in the center. No one can come near, for anything that travels too close is immediatly consumed. the appear as black mantarays with navy blue etchings ont heir wings. Many have tried to quell their hunger, but none have been succesful. it is all you can do to get away when they come, there is little hope if you stay.   Sohpe’s main, seemingly only, predators are small parasitic-like creatures that solely feed on sohpes.   After the initial desertification, the area becomes one of the most fertile in the world.   A group of Sohpes is called a Tide.


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